Book Clips: Something True by Karelia Stetz-Waters

February 8, 2017

Book Clips 

Something True by Karelia Stetz-Waters 


Tate Grafton has a tough exterior, but underneath she's kind, caring, and fiercely loyal. That's why she first started working at Out in Portland Coffee-it was her way of repaying the shop's owner for taking her in as a homeless teenager. Nine years later, the coffee shop is floundering and Tate feels like she's letting life pass her by . . . until she shares an unforgettable night with a beautiful stranger. When the mysterious woman disappears the next morning, Tate doesn't even know her name. 

Laura Enfield was supposed to be in Portland for only a few days-just long enough to oversee a simple business deal before joining her conservative father on his political campaign. But when the closeted Laura romances an employee of the coffee shop her company is shutting down, things get suddenly complicated. Now, the lies she's told for years are beginning to unravel, and her biggest secret is about to be exposed. Laura can't stop thinking about the barista with the soulful eyes, but after a lifetime of deception, can she finally embrace something true? 


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Harper Bliss And Her Mrs: Common Submission Mistakes Authors Make

February 7, 2017

Harper Bliss And Her Mrs

Common Submission Mistakes That Authors Make And How To Avoid Them

In this episode Harper Bliss and Her Mrs (Caroline) discuss common mistakes that authors have made when submitting manuscripts to them. They talk about why these are problems and what you should be doing. 

Find out:

  • Why you need a cover letter
  • What you should do before you submit to a publisher
  • And why you should make an excellent first impression


If you have questions please feel free to email them to and they will either answer them on the show or on their blog.


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Les Talk About It: All Lesbians Play Softball???

February 6, 2017

Les Talk About It

All Lesbians Play Softball?

In this episode of Les Talk About it Sheena and Tamara are discussing the myth that all lesbians play softball or that only lesbians play softball. They chat about how this perception came into being and what the history is behind it.




Sheena is the founder of The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel and The Lesbian Review. Tamara is super smart and loves researching and together this married couple are known to get slightly off topic and laugh a lot.

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Women And Words: What Flavor Of Story Jam Is Best?

February 5, 2017

Women and Words 

Podcast Overview 29 Jan.-3 Feb. 2017 


Jove and Andi notice that politics seems to be a recurring theme on the site lately, but they feel that whatever people need to do to tap into their creative spirits is probably good. Also, they would like to know what flavor of story jam is the best. 


29 Jan.: Author Rae Theodore joined us to talk about what it means to “be political” and that more now than ever, the world needs honest art. Plus, she did a giveaway. 

Women and Words link HERE 

Rae Theodore’s website 


30 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Yvonne Heidt is still trying to figure out how to move past the funk she’s in following the election cray, and she offers a vent space for people in the comments. 

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Yvonne Heidt’s website 


1 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Carsen Taite notes that even in the political chaos, it’s important to keep writing and expressing. So she has started work on her next book. 

Women and Words link HERE 

Carsen Taite’s website 


2 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle is also struggling with creative productivity, and notes that we are now in the Chinese year of the rooster. She intends to push forward with her goals. 

Women and Words link HERE 

R.G. Emanuelle’s website 


3 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette gets enthused about the series Orphan Black

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Andi Marquette’s website 


Jove will be attending the Literary Lesbian Love event in Portland 11 Feb. and doing a reading. Andi will be at ClexaCon 3-5 March in Las Vegas. Jove notes that Seattle’s ComicCon (Emerald City ComicCon) is also 3-5 March. 

Also—don’t forget to check out Women and Words’ calls for submissions! Currently, editor extraordinaire Sacchi Green has a call out for erotica F/F short stories, 2000-4000 words. Cleis Press is doing this one, and it’s $100 if your story gets in. 

And Jove recommends you watch these: 

Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking 

Cristela Alonzo, Lower Classy 


Book Clips: Love By Design by SW Andersen

February 4, 2017

Book Clips 

Love By Design by SW Andersen 


Life has a funny way of revealing harsh truths. 


Cassie Carl believes she has it all. On the cusp of achieving her professional goals and soon to marry the man of her dreams—the handsome, kind and loving Stefan Van Allen—it seems she's found the life every woman dreams of.  


What else could a girl want? 


Peyton Kingston is a beautiful, talented interior designer on the rise, whose sole focus is building her business. She loves what she does and has little time or patience for relationships. She's happy with her life. 


What else could a girl need? 


When Cassie’s wealthy fiancé brings Peyton in to do a renovation on their home before the big engagement party, sparks fly, leaving both Cassie and Peyton to question everything they thought they already had. 


What happens when the thin veil of perfection becomes riddled with holes? 


S.W. Andersen’s modern day romance takes you on a journey of self-discovery for two women who thought they had it all. 



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The Lesbian Review: 10 Brilliant Audiobooks To Get You Started

February 3, 2017

The Lesbian Review

10 Brilliant Audiobooks To Get You Started

In this episode Sheena brings Tara on to chat about the best audiobooks to get you started. They each put together thier top 5 must-listen audiobooks to give you a great variety to choose from.


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Sheena's List

Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame 


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For A Moment’s Indiscretion by KA Moll 

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A Pirate’s Heart by Catherine Friend 


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Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims 

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Taken By Storm by Kim Baldwin

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Tara’s List

Just Jorie by Robin Alexander

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Jericho by Ann McMan

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Finding The Grain by Wynn Malone

Get it on |


Wild by Meghan O’Brien

Get it on | |


Too Close To Touch by Georgia Beers

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Curves Welcome: 3 Easy Ways To Thrive

February 2, 2017

Curves Welcome

3 Easy Ways to Thrive

Novelist and Motivational Blogger Suzie Carr talks about 3 things you can do right now to get off the path of stagnation and onto one that helps you to thrive.   

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Badass Women Save Themselves: 5 Reasons To Watch Emerald City And 1 Reason Not To

February 1, 2017

Badass Women Save Themselves


5 Reasons To Watch Emerald City And 1 Reason Not To

This episode Jove Belle and Blythe Rippon chat about Emerald City.

What it's about

When a tornado transports Dorothy Gale from Lucas, Kan., to the faraway land of Oz, her arrival sets in motion a prophecy about a disastrous event known as The Beast Forever and strikes fear into the land's almighty ruler, the Wizard. On her quest to meet the Wizard in Emerald City, Dorothy encounters witches, an amnesiac soldier, a sheltered little boy and many more mysterious beings who will ultimately shape the future of Oz and Dorothy's place in it.

You can find the Badass Women Save Themselves website here