Badass Women Save Themselves: Women In War Movies

October 11, 2017

Women In War Movies 

In this episode authors Jove Belle and Blythe Rippon discuss women in war movies. 

About Jove And Blythe 

Both are published authors and all round badass women in their own right.  Jove is also on the Women And Words podcast where she and Andi do a roundup of the week’s happenings on their website. 

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NaNoWriMo Tips For New Participants - The Write Stuff

October 10, 2017

In this episode of The Write Stuff Sheena and Tamara chat discuss NaNoWriMo tips for new participants. 

What is NaNoWriMo? 

NaNoWriMo stands for national novel writing month. It was started as an intuitive to help writers for from zero to 50,000 words in the course of a single month. This project has been so successful that it is now a global initiative with people from countries all over the world participating.  


Tips to help you get the most from NaNoWriMo and help you win: 

  • Join NaNoWriMo now 
  • Plan your novel 
  • Write every day 
  • Get your first week started by writing more than the required amount to give yourself breathing room 
  • Join your region 
  • Make sure you keep track of your progress 
  • Go to the events 
  • Don’t edit as you write because you don’t want a sad balloon  



Sign Up To NaNoWriMo here 


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Our favourtie writing books 


5000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox 

The fastest way to succeed as an author is to write more books. How do you do that with a day job, family, school, or all your other time commitments? The secret is efficiency. 5,000 Words Per Hour will help you maximize your writing time by building effective habits that both measure and increase your writing speed. 

Create an effective writing habit. Track and improve your WPH. Stop the endless editing and tinkering so you can finish your draft. Use voice dictation software to dramatically increase words per hour. It's time to shift your writing into high gear. 

Get it on Amazon (works for US, UK and CA) 


Write To Market by Chris Fox 

Many authors write then market. Successful authors write to market. 

Have you written a book that just isn't selling? Would you like to write a book that readers eagerly devour? 

Many authors write,then market. Successful authors write to market. They start by figuring out how to give readers what they want, and that process begins before writing word one of your novel. 

This book will teach you to analyze your favorite genre to discover what readers are buying, to mine reviews for reader expectations, and to nail the tropes your readers subconsciously crave. 

Don't leave the success of your novel up to chance. Deliver the kind of book that will have your fans hounding you for the next one. 


Get it on Amazon (works for US, UK and CA) 


The Pros And Cons Of Coming Out - Les Talk About It

October 9, 2017

The Pros And Cons Of Coming Out - Les Talk About It 

In this episode of Les Talk About It, Sheena and Tamara chat about the pros and cons of coming out. 


The process of coming out

  • Coming out to yourself 
  • Coming out to your loved ones 
  • Coming out to people at work 
  • Coming out to the world at large 


Pros To Coming Out  

  • It is less stressful 
  • It is easier to date 
  • It allows you to be okay with yourself 
  • It helps helps you feel less different 
  • It helps you see all your allies 
  • You can become an ally to someone else 
  • Allows you to connect with other lesbians 
  • Dispel myths about lesbians 
  • Makes you feel like part of a community. 


Cons To Coming Out 

  • It can be dangerous 
  • You can lose your job 
  • You can find out that people who you thought were friends are actually bigots 


What No One Tells You About Coming Out 

Coming out is not a once off thing. You will forever be coming out. 




Our coming out story 


Author Clare Lydon comes out 


Author Kiki Archer comes out


Help for LGBT people  


The Lesbian Talk Show Facebook Group 


Women and Words: It’s been a shitty fucked up week

October 8, 2017

“Hope just means another world might be possible, not promise, not guaranteed. Hope calls for action; action is impossible without hope.” –Rebeccca Solnit


Jove shares some news from the homefront and Andi and Jove have a hard time with this podcast because of terrible, tragic events and many of the Women and Words contributors are also struggling with these terrible, tragic events, but dammit, those of you who create, keep creating. And to all of you, keep telling your stories, keep talking to each other, and share some love with others.


1 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Lynette Mae joined us with another thought-provoking blog about solidarity and social justice.

  •  Women and Words link HERE

 1 Oct.: Author Adan Ramie stopped by to chat about her new release in her Deviant Behaviors trilogy, Eager Observer. She also did a giveaway!

3 Oct.: Author K’Anne Meinel is holding a contest to name her latest book, a science fiction novel, and she provided some background to the book, too. Winner also gets a chance to loan their name to a character in her work.

4 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Carsen Taite shared some thoughts on the horrific murders in Las Vegas over the weekend.

5 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle also brought some thoughts to bear on the tragedy and these times in which we live, and reminds us to keep writing and keep reading.

6 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette would like you to share the love, and talks about how fandoms have provided solace and hope, at least to her.

Jove has an event coming up! She’ll be with authors Lori Lake, EJ Kindred, Deni Starr, Dolores Maggiore in Portland at Taborspace Oct. 14 doing an evening of spellbinding mystery and bewitching suspense! And don’t forget awards season is upon us. Check the GCLS and Lambda Literary for info.


The Lesbian Historic Motif Project: On The Shelf October 2017

October 7, 2017

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast: Episode 15a - On the Shelf 

Your monthly update on what the Lesbian Historic Motif Project has been doing. 

In this episode we talk about 

  • A summary of the publications covered in the blog in August 

    • Books on the queer history of Boston and on the concept of the Boston Marriage in modern psychology 
    • Medieval penitential manuals that address same-sex relations 
    • Works on sexuality and same-sex relations in medieval Europe 
  • What’s coming up in the blog 
    • More sources on medieval and pre-modern Europe 
  • This month’s author guest: Caren Werlinger 
  • Ask Sappho 
    • Where did I get the music that introduces and closes the podcast? 
    • What did people think about queens who had same-sex relations? Did it affect what the common people and the people of the court thought of them? 


More info 

The Lesbian Historic Motif Project lives here 

You can follow the blog on my website or subscribe to the RSS feed 

This topic is discussed in one or more entries of the Lesbian Historic Motif Project including the following: 


If you have questions or comments about the LHMP or these podcasts, send them to:

A transcript of this podcast is available here.


10 Brilliant Slow Burn Romances - The Lesbian Review Podcast

October 6, 2017

10 Brilliant Slow Burn Romances 

Jae has stopped by to help Sheena put together a list of 10 brilliant slow burn romances. You know those books where characters don’t instantly get together? Instead it takes the whole book for them to overcome the obstacles and finally become a couple. We love them and so will you. 

Sheena’s List 

Backwards To Oregon by Jae 

Published by Ylva Publishing 

“Luke” Hamilton has always been sure that she’d never marry. She accepted that she would spend her life alone when she chose to live her life disguised as a man. 

After working in a brothel for three years, Nora Macauley has lost all illusions about love. She no longer hopes for a man who will sweep her off her feet and take her away to begin a new, respectable life. 

But now they find themselves married and on the way to Oregon in a covered wagon, with two thousand miles ahead of them.  


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 


Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker 

Published by Bella Books 

For Kip Barrett, a secret commission from her boss's boss's boss, CEO Tamara Sterling, shows that the respect she's earned for her integrity and intelligence as a fraud investigator is justified. All she has to do is what she's done successfully before: Follow the cyber-trail, find the high-tech thief, and document it so that justice prevails.  

This time, however, the embezzler is one of their own. Sterling Fraud Investigations has an unblemished reputation for ethical conduct and security. Kip must find out who and how, as soon as possible, and no one but Tamara can know what she's doing.  

As Kip gets closer to discovering the embezzler, her clandestine meetings with Tamara grow more frequent. It doesn't help that her admiration for Sterling's work is compounded by an undeniable physical chemistry. But SFI has an iron-clad no fraternization rule, and Sterling investigators never break the rules. She needs to wrap up her findings before anyone--including her emerging prime suspect Tamara Sterling--realizes Kip is not above temptation. 

Follow the passion--and the money--from Seattle to Nassau in the latest page-turning story from Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker. Fans of this novel won't want to miss the follow-up short story in Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings!


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA)


Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun 

Published by Bold Strokes Books 

Cody Walsh leaves Arkansas for California. Lured by stories of opportunity, even for women, Cody disguises herself as a man and prepares for the arduous journey west. 

Lillie Ellis leaves New York to accept a post as a schoolteacher on the frontier near a small homestead she just inherited from her uncle. Lillie’s ultimate desire is to become a painter, and she hopes the Kansas frontier will offer her the freedom to follow that dream. In the nineteenth century, a young woman has few options in the East that don’t revolve around marriage and motherhood. Lillie is interested in neither.  

Cody rescues Lillie after a chance encounter in Independence, Missouri. Their destinies and desires become entwined as they face the perils of the untamed West. Despite their differences, they discover that love’s uncharted frontier is not for the weak in spirit or the faint of heart. 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 


Pelican’s Landing by Gerri Hill 

Published by Bella Books 

The high-powered high life loses all its allure in the face of family tragedy. A return to the Gulf Coast life and a chance to reconnect and reclaim what really matters leads to unexpected passion and a final chance at true love in this tumultuous summer romance from best-selling author Gerri Hill! 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 


Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers 

Published by Bella Books 

What happens when your life takes an unexpected turn? What happens when you need to protect the one you love from the one you want to love? What happens when you lose something you never knew you wanted? 

Lambda and Golden Crown Literary Award-winning author Georgia Beers brings to you her long-awaited seventh novel, Starting from Scratch, a story where learning, laughing, loving, and baked goods are just a few of life's basic ingredients. Starting from Scratch...where life is what you make it. 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 



Jae’s List 

And Playing The Role Of Herself by KE Lane 

Published by Regal Crest Enterprises 

Actress Caidence Harris is living her dreams after landing a leading role among the star-studded, veteran cast of 9th Precinct, a hot new police drama shot on location in glitzy LA. Her sometimes-costar Robyn Ward is magnetic, glamorous, and devastatingly beautiful, the quintessential A-List celebrity on the fast-track to super-stardom. When the two meet on the set of 9th Precinct, Caid is instantly infatuated but settles for friendship, positive that Robyn is both unavailable and uninterested. Soon Caid sees that all is not as it appears, but can she take a chance and risk her heart when the outcome is so uncertain? 

The leading ladies and the supporting cast of this debut novel by newcomer K.E Lane will charm you, entertain you, and leave you with a smile on your face, eager for Ms. Lane's next offering. 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 



Glass Houses by Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt 

Published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing 

Two actresses fight the system and each other when the director of their career making film dies in the middle of production. 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 



Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart 

Published by Ylva Publishing 

A triangle with a twist, Coming Home is the story of three good people caught up in an impossible situation. 

Rob, a charismatic ex-fighter pilot severely disabled with MS, has been steadfastly cared for by his wife, Jan, for many years. Quite by accident one day, Terry, a young writer/postal carrier, enters their lives and turns it upside down. 

Injecting joy and turbulence into their quiet existence, Terry draws Rob and Jan into her lively circle of family and friends until the growing attachment between the two women begins to strain the bonds of love and loyalty, to Rob and each other. 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA)



Jericho by Ann McMan 

Published by Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company 

Librarian Syd Murphy flees the carnage of a failed marriage by accepting an eighteen-month position in Jericho–a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Her plans to hide out and heal her wounds fall by the wayside as she gets drawn into the daily lives of the quirky locals. She becomes fast friends with Maddie Stevenson, the enigmatic physician who has returned to the backcountry community to take over her late father’s medical practice. Together they learn that life and love can have as many twists and turns as a country road. 


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA) 



Without Warning by KG McGregor 

Published by Bella Books 

On a day that begins like any other, a violent earthquake strikes Los Angeles, plunging the region into chaos. Two strangers, trapped in a collapsed shopping mall, find each other amid the rubble and join forces to escape. Hampered by injury and darkness, they dig and claw their way through one crumbled store after another, emerging long after most have given up hope for survivors.  

The ordeal leaves both women shaken, but their shared triumph sets them on a life-changing course together, igniting a connection like neither has ever known. 

Anna Kaklis--whose perfectly planned life never included falling in love with another woman--is thrown for a loop, but she doesn't doubt her heart. 

Lily Stewart--abandoned too many times by people she trusted--won't let herself believe that Anna's love will endure. 

Without Warning is the story of their courageous journey through adversity, and their promise of steadfast love.


Get It On Amazon (Works for US, UK and CA)


Find Jae Online 






Book Clips: Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker

October 5, 2017

Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker 


Anidyr Bycall is frozen in her past, regretting words never spoken to the woman she loves and the one impulsive act that cost her all her dreams. Running from the courts of public and academic opinion in Fairbanks, she has landed in Key West. The nights are hot but she is colder than the glaciers she once explored. 

Tending bar by night, she spends her days immersed in the research of her only remaining passion in life: the ice fields of Alaska. But trends may be improving when news from home hints that those she harmed may have moved on, and she can at least recover the papers and books she left behind. The respect and affection she once saw in Eve Cambra‘s eyes is gone beyond recall. 

When a few innocent questions raise Ani’s doubts about what really happened three years ago, she realizes she may have a chance to clear her name and reclaim her career. But there’s no data to prove that Eve has thawed and that the fire they once shared can be rekindled. 

Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker brings her readers a romantic story of the icy north where passion may melt even a frozen heart.


You can find this novel on | |


Find Karin Kallmaker here:





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The Write Stuff: 10 Awesome Software Apps For Writers

October 3, 2017

10 Awesome Software Apps For Writers 

In this episode of The Write Stuff we chat to marketing guru, Tamara about 10 awesome software apps for writers. 

They are

1 Scrivener

2 Grammarly

3 Google Ngram

4 Evernote 

5 Dropbox

6 Google Earth and Maps

7 Google Docs 

8 Dragon Software


10 5000 Words Per Hour 


About Tamara 

Tamara is a marketing professional who works at a South African software firm. 

About Sheena 

Sheena started The Lesbian Review and The Lesbian Talk Show. She saw a gap for great content for listeners and readers. The Lesbian Review is now one of the biggest review websites in the sector and The Lesbian Talk Show is one of the biggest podcasts in the sector.  

Great content is a priority for Sheena and she is always chatting to authors and listeners in search of new topics for her podcasts. 

You can find Sheena on 



Her website 



Book Clips: Love Forever, Live Forever by Annette Mori

October 2, 2017

Love Forever, Live Forever by Annette Mori 


No one forgets their first love. For Nicky, that’s Sara, who abruptly disappears one day, leaving only a cryptic letter. That day scarred her soul. When the pain starts to diminish, Nicky begins to get her life back on track until it is derailed once again by an unimaginable twist. 

Changed forever, Nicky becomes a careless, womanizing nomad known as the Little Wild One, until she meets Annie. Thirteen years later, Nicky’s finally settled and happy. Fate intervenes and puts her directly back into the path of her first love, Sara, and the corresponding events send her into a tailspin. Now she must decide—who will be the person she ends up living with and loving forever? 


You can find this novel on Amazon (link works for US, UK and Canada)


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Women and Words: And where, exactly, are the weather forecasters and meteorologists in lesfic?

October 1, 2017


And where, exactly, are the weather forecasters and meteorologists in lesfic?


Some day Andi and Jove will totally figure out how to pronounce Barbara Winkes’ name. They also discuss the point that writer’s block can be a thing. How you approach it can make it a worse or better thing. They also totally appreciate Alicia Vikander’s turn as Lara Croft in the forthcoming Tomb Raider (2018). Because reasons.

23 Sept.: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta did a roundup of books based on comments on her previous blog in which people suggested a character trait or profession and Erin would match a lesfic book to it. Lots of fun. She’s doing it again, so stop by.

  •  Women and Words link HERE

 24 Sept.: Author Louisa Kelley joined us and talked about her background and how she came to write female/female paranormal fiction.

27 Sept.: Author Barbara Winkes stopped by to chat a bit about writer’s block with some insight about how to address it.

28 Sept.: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess joined us and shared a story of how she came to the idea to put together an anthology with fellow author Lee Lynch about the importance of bars to LGBTQ culture. The anthology, titled, Our Happy Hours: LGBT Voices from the Gay Bars, will be available Oct. 9 and proceeds go to benefit organizations that help LGBTQ youth (esp. Philly and NYC).

29 Sept.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette did a Fangirl Friday about the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


Check with the GCLS for info about awards deadlines and also Lambda Literary for their deadlines, too.


ALSO!!!! Don’t forget to sign up for the Hootenanny! Go to the Women and Words site and you’ll see the info post pinned to the top.