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Why Juliantina Are The Best Kind Of Lesbians On Screen

Why Juliantina Are The Best Kind Of Lesbians On Screen

March 20, 2020

Why Juliantina Are The Best Kind Of Lesbians On Screen

Lesbians On Screen Season 1 Episode 1


Today Sheena and Monica are are talking about Juliantina, a lesbian couple featured in the show Amar A Muerte - A Mexican soap opera and they fast gained global popularity.

We look at:

  • Why the rep is groundbreaking
  • Why it's important to have a planned lesbian couple in a show
  • Why having a coming out story like this is still important
  • What makes Juliantina one of a kind
  • Juliantina did what Clexa didn’t


About the hosts



Sheena has an honours degree in film and a passion for watching movies that started in her early teens. She is never far from her kindle and is a super fan of content that specifically features lesbians or women loving women couples.


Monica McCallan

Monica McCallan was an enthusiastic fan of romance novels before she began writing them. Her first novel, Better than a Dream, was released in late December, 2017, and she's already hard at work on her second novel.

She lives with her partner and two tiny dogs, cannot parallel park to save her life, enjoys playing pool a few times a week, and has enjoyed every second of the craft beer explosion these last few years.


Links to Monica’s Lists of Juliantina stuff


Link 2 to Monica's Juliantina stuff



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Mallory Lass’s Holiday F/F Fanfic Reading List

Mallory Lass’s Holiday F/F Fanfic Reading List

December 7, 2018

Mallory Lass's Holiday F/F Fanfic Reading List

Les Do Books with Tara and guest Mallory Lass

Mallory Lass is back! This time she joins Tara to share her holiday f/f fanfic reading list, with both holiday-themed stories and stories for people who want to avoid the season.

More from Mallory:


Holiday Theme

These are full of common themes and plot devices. Christmas fics tend to be short and sweet, and a lot are written for some version of a holiday fic exchange or prompt fest. Most of them are Gen/Teen. Mistletoe features prominently.


  1. “Blue Christmas” Ch 1-9, Ch 10-13, Ch 14-17  by raginhoops. 23K words, rated Teen.
    Fandom: Law and Order: SUV; Ship: Olivia Benson/Alexandra Cabot
    Backstory: Olivia Benson, sexy butch detective in the special victims unit. Alexandra Cabot, blond bombshell assistant district attorney.

Rec: Tables are turned when Olivia is the one pursued.

Major Tropes: Workplace Romance, Rich Girl/Poor Girl

Content warnings: N/A


  1. Holiday Wish” by miss_morland. <1K, rated Gen
    Fandom: Harry Potter; Ship: Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey

Backstory: Mrs. McGonagall is one of the most respected teachers in all of Hogwarts. Mrs. Pomfrey is a fantastic healer. Both are women of a certain age playing important, but minor roles in a massively popular series with a huge cast of characters.

Rec: A 5 things fic that regresses in time and reminded me of Sarah Waters’ Night Watch. It’s really, really sweet. Full of love, and a surprise ending. Short, but packs a punch.

Content warnings: N/A

Bonus: Podfic! Recorded by thriceandonce


  1. Wrapped in Red” by cassiopeiasara. 1.5K words, rated Teen+

Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016); Ship: Jillian Holtzmann/Patty Tolan
Backstory: Ghostbusters all female female reboot was released to a lot of outside noise and negativity. In my opinion set the table for other all female reboot movies, like Ocean’s 8, to succeed. Also helped elevate Kate McKinnon’s reputation as a comedy genius in film.

Rec: This is positively smooshy! There is mistletoe and courting, and getting of the girl. The characterization is great.

Content warnings: N/A

Bonus: search the hashtag “#all I want for Christmas is this ficathon” on tumblr to find fics submitted for ratherembarassing’s 2016 challenge, some Supergirl ones are on ao3 as well.


  1. She Sees You When You’re Sleeping; She Knows When You’re Awake” by T_Ninja. 2.3K words, rated Gen

Fandom: Person of Interest (TV); Ship: Root/Sameen Shaw
Backstory: This show follows a mix of hackers, cops, and former military as they take orders from an AI, the Machine, that was created to know when murders were premeditated and alert this group to stop them. Root/Shaw aka Shoot, we’re a pair full of slow burn subtext, which the show ultimately made canon in later seasons.

Rec: This cute Christmas story features The Machine playing matchmaker, mistletoe and Santa.

Content warnings: Full of canon typical wry humor, casual mentions of murder plots and guns.


  1. Singles' Night at the ER” by Keziah. 3.8K words, rated Teen+

Fandom: The 100 (TV Show); Ship: Abby Griffin/Raven Reyes | Doctor Mechanic

Backstory: A lot of the Doctor Mechanic subtext in this show occurred in the first and second seasons. It’s a tiny ship in a behemoth fandom with another main f/f ship.

Major Tropes: Age-gap, Modern AU

Rec: Perfect for fans of fluffy, fade to black, this is a cute modern AU fic set in the ER on Christmas Eve. Plus they go to a diner!

Content warnings: N/A


  1. Marmite & Mistletoe” by ArcadiaArden. 155K words, rated Mature

Fandom: Rizzli & Isles; Ship: F/F
Backstory: Set in Season 5

Rec: A friend says it’s her favorite Christmas fic and I am looking forward to reading over the holidays myself.

Content warnings: Not fluffy, read the author notes


Holiday Avoidance

A lot of people don’t have the luxury of enjoying the holidays. There is a lot of stress and pressure for everything to be perfect, people are money strapped, people have anniversaries of loved ones deaths, queer people particularly tend to have rocky relationships with their families for a whole host of reasons. If you just need to escape into something, this list is for you!


  1. The Greatest” fanvid by Bironic

Fandom & Characters: multifandom video featuring characters of color in over 75 canons - see tags.

Backstory: This video was commissioned for a charity auction, notes from the creator: "Don't give up." A celebration of some badass characters of color in recent science fiction, fantasy and horror TV and movies. Made for resolute as part of the Fandom Trumps Hate 2017-2018 charity auction.

Rec: I have watched this fanvid so many times, and every time it puts a massive smile on my face. I only know half of the original shows/movies, if that, but it’s fun picking out my faves. There is a f/f kiss from Timeless toward the end, see if you I can spot it.

Content Warnings: zombie beheading at 0:25, PG 13 to R rated movie typical violence


  1. Gone to the Dogs” by avesnongrata and Woodface. 173K words, rated Mature.

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe; Ship: Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov
Backstory: This is an amazing and fairly small ship in a massive multiship fandom. Their portmanteau is BlackHill, which is pretty rad. A lot of the BlackHill writers read the Black Widow comics, so there is extra texture which makes for high-quality writing. Lots of hurt/comfort with this ship.

Rec: This is both a Black Widow origin story and a Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov spy girlfriends story. Each author wrote from one of the characters’ perspective and I think that is, in part, what makes it a really strong story. It will suck you in and you won’t be able to stop reading so make sure you have a good chunk of time.

Content warnings: PTSD, past abuse/abandonment, violence

Bonus Rec for Poly Positive Readers:Women’s Weapons” by ThingsWithWings, 4.5K words, rated Explicit

Ship: Maria Hill/Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov

More: 2 podfics linked inside the fic.


  1. some kind of madness (has started to evolve)” by thecrackshiplollipop. 8.5K words, rated Explicit

Fandom: The 100 (TV); Ship: Abby Griffin/Raven Reyes
Backstory: Abby is a doctor in the show and in this AU also a yoga instructor. Raven is a engineer/mechanic extraordinaire who gets disabled in the show and in this AU she is a student, mechanic, and dealing with her disability.

Rec: One of those I didn’t know I needed till I read it stories. Sometimes you just need well written smut with a good plot. Really good treatment of Raven’s disability. Really good angst over the age gap which isn’t usually my cuppa. It’s just good dang it.

Major Tropes: Modern AU; Age Gap

Content warnings: N/A

Note: If Clarke/Lexa is more your thing check out their other work she has quite a few Clexa stories.


  1. Chaos Theory” Series by andthatisterrible. 430K words, rated Teen -> Explicit (can avoid that part of series)

Fandom: Person of Interest (TV); Ship: Root/Sameen Shaw

Backstory: This show follows a mix of hackers, cops, and former military as they take orders from an AI, the Machine, that was created to know when murders were premeditated and alert this group to stop them. Root/Shaw aka Shoot, we’re a pair full of slow burn subtext, which the show ultimately made canon in later seasons.

Rec: The main story Sliding Towards Chaos, is rated Teen and then the author’s companion story Feedback Loops contains the Explicit interludes. They are all connected on ao3 (pay attention to the notes) and it’s a really interesting way to write to both audiences. It was also a Rec I received during my line standing time at ClexaCon.

Content warnings: Canon typical violence, rough sex in the explicit story typical of their early show interactions: pain play, light bdsm, destruction of clothes.


  1. and when we're there we'll belong” series by andibeth82. 540K words, rated Mature

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe | The Acengers; Ship: Clint Barton/Laura Barton/Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, Laura Barton/Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton/Laura Barton
Backstory: This is an absolute behemoth of a story, which the author has been pouring love into since 2015. It’s essentially a Clint and Natasha backstory, that meets up and connects to the Avengers movie timelines.

Rec: This is a Poly story! If you don’t like reading F/M or you don’t like Poly relationships, this is not the story for you. If you would like to see examples of how to build a Poly family, what and how to tell kids, etc. this story is for you. If you love found family, this story is for you. My only minor complaint is there isn’t enough Laura/Nat, it def skewed Clint/Nat, Clint/Laura because of the constraints of the MCU, but the writing is engaging. There is also a lot of domestic fluff, and dealing with the Barton Kids.

Content warnings: Canon typical violence and injuries, difficulties conceiving in first part, miscarriage (IIRC it is in part 3)


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NaNoWriMo - Lez Geek Out!

NaNoWriMo - Lez Geek Out!

November 16, 2018


Lez Geek Out

Episode 44 

Andi and Lise discuss the annual giant writing event, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, in which participants hammer out a short novel of 50,000 words over the course of November. They tell you what it is, how it works, what some strategies might be to help you approach your NaNo writing project, offer their own experiences doing it, and remind you not to freak out. 

If you’re a novice writer, NaNo is a great way to see what the professional writing life is like, because it requires you to write every day if you want to hit that 50,000-word mark by the end of the month. It also provides structure and a writing community, which is really valuable because you need critique to help you grow as a writer. 

There other types of writing events, too: 

Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) 

National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) 

National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) 

And this week, Lise recommends the medical mystery/weirdness podcast Sawbones while Andi implores people to please watch the CW series Legends of Tomorrow.

Halloween Movie Extravaganza - Lez Geek Out!

Halloween Movie Extravaganza - Lez Geek Out!

November 2, 2018

Episode 43

This week, Andi and Lise share some of their fave scary movies in honor of Halloween! Also, they drink beer and employ bad Halloween accents. 


Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) 

Hocus Pocus (1993) 

Alien 3 (1992) 

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) BECAUSE OF COURSE OMG 


The Sixth Sense (1999) 

Sleepy Hollow (1999) 

Signs (2002) 

Alien (1979) 

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 50TH ANNIVERSARY, Y’ALL! 

Bonus! Lise also recommends Resident Evil (2002—holy crap, Milla Jovovich) and Andi recommends Get Out (2017). 

And this week, Lise is raving about author Seanan McGuire’s work, particularly The Girl in the Green Silk Gown while Andi got all kinds of feels watching the scifi robot fight circuit movie Real Steel. (srsly. Weepy.) 

Gatekeeping in Geek Culture

Gatekeeping in Geek Culture

October 19, 2018

Episode 42

Andi and Lise discuss gatekeeping in fandom, and how it excludes many already-marginalized groups from participating in fan culture, including various elements of it like cosplay. 

They also discuss how fandoms and pop culture are reflections of the larger society in which they exist, and Lise brings up how that might keep women and other marginalized people from going into STEM fields. 

Sadly, gatekeeping isn’t something that is imposed on marginalized groups by a non-marginalized group. LGBTQ gatekeeping occurs, too, and Andi and Lise discuss how that was exemplified by the announcement that gender-fluid lesbian actress Ruby Rose would be portraying Batwoman in the forthcoming Arrowverse crossover event on the CW. Rose was accused of “not being queer enough” and had to leave social media because of the harassment along those lines directed toward her. 

For further reference: 

Andi mentioned Heather Hogan’s article on Autostraddle about the new Dr. WhoHere’s the link. 

Also, Clare McBride at SyFy Wire did an op-ed called “ ‘Not Gay Enough’: Ruby Rose, Gatekeeping, and Toxic Fandom.” Link here. 

Lise mentioned a YouTube video by Jessie Gender about gatekeeping in queer culture. Catch the link here.

For more information on what Andi and Lise are geeking out about right now, check out Orc Haven by Beryll and Osiri Brackhaus, and The Gifted on Fox.

Interview with Fangirl Shirts

Interview with Fangirl Shirts

October 5, 2018

Episode 41 

This week, Andi chats with the owners of Fangirl Shirts, Rebecca Barrick and Sally Heaven, who “make awesome shirts by, for and about women.” They launched the company four years ago as a way to celebrate fangirls and fan culture through T-shirts and other swag, doing cool things like spelling out the word “fangirl” in the font of a particular show title and immortalizing lines from shows or the fandoms on shirts and swag. 

Fangirl Shirts is also committed to community works, and a portion of profits go to non-profits that support girls and/or women. They also do special edition shirts that benefit a specific cause or organization (try the Queer Thunder and Peacemaker swaggery, for example) and they’re the organizers of the ClexaCon fun-run, an event they just launched at the second ClexaCon (the largest queer women and allies in media con) held in April, 2018. They’re already planning for the next, and they have all kinds of projects they’re working on, which makes Andi an even bigger fangirl of them. 

Find Fangirl Shirts: 

Website (BUY!) 

Twitter -- @fangirlshirts 

Instagram -- @fangirl_shirts 

Pinterest -- @fangirlshirts 

Stand Still Stay Silent

Stand Still Stay Silent

September 7, 2018

Episode 39: Webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent 

Andi and Lise are really into the webcomic, Stand Still. Stay Silent, written and drawn by Finnish-Swedish artist Minna Sundberg. Actually, they might be complete and utter fangirls of it and it was Lise, this time, who turned Andi onto this amazing post-apocalyptic story that has elements of Nordic mythology in it. SSSS is so good that it won a Reuben in 2015 for best online comic (the Reubens are given out by the National Cartoonists Society, and it is the highest honor that the society bestows). 

From the website: 

“It's been 90 years after the end of the old world. Most of the surviving population of the Known world live in Iceland, the largest safe area in existence, while the safe settlements in the other Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, are small and scarce. 

“Countless mysterious and unspoken dangers lurk outside the safe areas, the Silent world, and hunters, mages and cleansers will spend their lives defending the settlements against the terrifying beings. Because of a great fear towards everything in the Silent world no official attempts to explore the ruins of the old have been made, and most of the information about it has turned into ancient lore, known by few. 

“But now, at last, it is time to send out an research crew into the great unknown! A poorly funded and terribly unqualified crew, but a crew nonetheless.” 


The art and story are engaging, the characterization is brilliant, and the artist brings in mythological elements and fuses them incredibly well with the larger story arcs of the post-apocalyptic theme (this apocalypse originating with a disease) and the reclamation of older, pagan traditions that provide a way to cope with and survive in new circumstances. 

Find Stand Still. Stay Silent HERE 

Find the artist, Minna Sundberg, on Twitter HERE (@SSSSComic) and HERE (@hummingfluff) 

Also, in honor of recording this podcast, Andi was drinking Einstök beer, crafted in Iceland, located 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. In this instance, she was indulging in the Icelandic Wee Heavy. Super delish. 

AND! Find Lez Geek Out! on Twitter HERE! (@LGOPodcast) 

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

August 24, 2018

Episode 38: Thor: Ragnarok 

Andi and Lise watched (okay, re-watched because they dig this movie) Thor: Ragnarok (2017), part of the Marvel Universe movie, which means it’s a giant bucket of special effects, awesome cinematography, and epic battle scenes. But what this Thor movie brought – and something Andi and Lise totally enjoyed – was a slightly comedic turn amidst the dark subject matter, and we get to see a lighter side of Thor even as he struggles to get back to Asgard before the prophecy of Ragnarök comes to pass in which Asgard is destroyed. 

Particular favorites in this film include Cate Blanchett’s amazing turn as Hela, Goddess of Death (seriously, we could watch Blanchett write a grocery list and be enthralled, but her turn as a villain is awesome!); Tessa Thompson as “Scrapper 142”—a Valkyrie, also from Asgard (more movies with her, please); director Taika Waititi voicing Korg, a being made of rocks who is the world’s nicest slacker revolutionary; and Jeff Goldblum as an earnest and “fun-uncle-ish” despot on Sakaar, a planet made of trash. 

See the trailer 

Cast list 



August 10, 2018

Episode 37: Nanette

Andi and Lise had their minds completely blown by “Nanette,” the comedy show/performance piece by Tasmanian comedienne Hannah Gadsby, currently available on Netflix. In this brilliant and searing examination of comedy and who it serves, “Art, [Gadsby] makes clear—from painting to comedy—does not liberate everyone equally. It can replicate the same privileges and exclusions as the culture in which it was made,” Moira Donegan says in her piece on “Nanette” in the New Yorker. 

“Nanette” is a blistering tour de force in which Gadsby lays part of her soul bare and then leaves the audience to grapple with its role in perpetuating the marginalization of those it demands entertain us. 

And in the wake of the 2016 election and the #MeToo movement, Gadsby’s indictment of homophobia and misogyny and her dissection of comedy has become a phenomenon and a statement. “I really was writing as though I was throwing a grenade,” Gadsby told Rolling Stone, “and I fully expected for the show to seal me off in the margins. I am so shocked and overwhelmingly stunned. It’s become bigger than me. And I’m happy for that.” 

Both Andi and Lise are of the opinion that this is the first major piece of art—a blistering fusion of comedy and storytelling—to emerge since the 2016 elections and will probably come to define this era in ways we don’t yet even know. 

Hannah Gadsby’s “Nanette” on Netflix (US; check your local Netflix site if you’re not in the US). 

Gadsby’s just released memoir, Ten Steps to Nanette is available at various booksellers. Check your faves. 

Rolling Stone interview with Gadsby 

Moira Donegan at the New Yorker on “Nanette” 

The WIRED crew on “Nanette” 

Sophie Gilbert at The Atlantic on “Nanette” as a radical, transformative work of comedy 

10 Best Female Leads In A Horror Movie

10 Best Female Leads In A Horror Movie

August 8, 2018

10 Best Female Leads In A Horror Movie

The Lesbian Review Podcast

Sheena is joined by Michelle Blakey, reviewer at The Lesbian Review today to talk about their choices for the 10 Best Female Leads In A Horror Movie.


Sheena’s Choices

Annie from The Gift

Played by Cate Blanchett


In the town of Brixton, Georgia, widow Annie Wilson is the resident fortune-teller. Jessica King, the fiancée of local school teacher, Wayne Collins, disappears.

Annie receives a vision revealing that Jessica has been killed and her corpse thrown into a pond. She informs local sheriff Pearl Johnson of her vision, and despite his skepticism, Johnson searches a pond at the home of Donnie Barksdale, the violent husband of one of Annie's clients, Valerie. Donnie had previously threatened Annie, and her kids, for Annie advising Valerie to leave him. Valerie permits the search while Donnie is absent, but he returns while the search is proceeding. The police find Jessica's corpse in the pond and Donnie is arrested for her murder.

During his trial for Jessica's murder, it is revealed that Jessica and Donnie had an affair. Donnie is convicted and sent to prison. Buddy Cole, an acquaintance of Annie's, harbors a hatred for his father, and tries to explain to Annie why, but Annie is preoccupied and refuses to listen. That evening, Buddy's mother calls Annie to come to their house, as Buddy has snapped and has his father bound to a chair. Buddy sets his father on fire, and it is revealed that Buddy's father sexually abused him as a child. Buddy is eventually taken to a mental hospital.

Later, Annie receives another vision divulging that Donnie is innocent. She asks prosecutor David Duncan to reopen the case. After Duncan declines, Annie counters that if he does not do so she will reveal David and Jessica's sexual activity which she witnessed. Duncan attempts to bribe Annie in exchange for her silence, but Annie refuses, only wanting justice for Barksdale.


Get This Movie on Amazon


Emily Rose in The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

Played by Jennifer Carpenter


Emily Rose, a 19-year old American teenager, dies of self-inflicted wounds and malnutrition following an attempted exorcism. People say she was possessed by 7 demons. Father Richard Moore, the Catholic diocesan priest who attempted the exorcism is arrested and sent to court. While the archdiocese want Moore to plead guilty to minimize the crime's public attention, Moore instead plans to plead not guilty. Erin Bruner, an ambitious lawyer hoping to use the trial to become a senior partner in her law firm, takes on the case. Moore agrees to let her defend him if he can tell the truth behind Emily's story.

During the trial, Emily's past is told through flashbacks and the evidence provided by witnesses. The trial's prosecutor is Ethan Thomas, a practicing Methodist, with Judge Brewster presiding. The prosecution claims Emily suffered from epilepsy and psychosis to explain her behavior. Emily received a scholarship to study for a bachelor's degree but displayed signs of demonic possession after she began attending classes, experiencing visions and physical contortions. Diagnosed with epilepsy, Emily received anti-seizure medication but the treatment failed to cure her. A friend named Jason took Emily back home to her family, where she continued displaying traits of possession until Moore was summoned to attempt an exorcism.

Bruner begins experiencing supernatural phenomena at home, waking up at 3:00 a.m. to the smell of burning material. Moore warns her she may be a target for the demons, revealing he too has experienced similar phenomena on the night he was preparing the exorcism. With the prosecution building a strong case, Bruner steps up her own by trying to legitimize Emily's possession. She summons anthropologist Sadira Adani to testify about the beliefs about spiritual possession from various cultures, but Thomas dismisses her claims as nonsense. Graham Cartwright, a medical doctor who attended the exorcism, gives Bruner a cassette tape on which the exorcism was recorded.


Get This Movie on Amazon


Joanna Mills in The Return

Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar


Joanna Mills (Sarah Michelle Gellar), a travelling rep for a trucking company, is dedicated to her successful career but something of a loner. Since the age of 11 she has been a troubled person, with episodes of self-mutilation and menacing visions. Normally she avoids returning to her native Texas, but agrees to a trip there to secure an important client. During the trip her visions, which take the form of memories of events not from her life, increase in intensity. She sees a strange face staring back at her in the mirror. Her truck radio plays Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams" no matter what station she selects. She stops at the scene of an accident that, on the following day, seems not to have happened. Joanna cuts herself in a bar restroom and is narrowly rescued by a friend. She visits her father, who observes that from age 11 she was "a different girl". The visions continue, becoming both more specific and more threatening, centering upon a menacing man she does not recognize and a bar she has never seen, but a picture of which is in one of her catalogs.

Drawn by the image to the Texas town where the bar is located, a place she has not been since childhood, Joanna meets a man named Terry Stahl, whose wife, Annie, was stalked, brutally assaulted, and left to die fifteen years before, a crime of which Terry was suspected but not convicted. Joanna continues to have visions of this crime and the events that led up to it, and to discover other links between Annie's life and hers. 

Get This Movie on Amazon


Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project

Played by Heather Donahue


In October 1994, film students HeatherMike and Josh set out to produce a documentary about the fabled Blair Witch. They travel to Burkittsville, Maryland, and interview residents about the legend. Locals tell them of Rustin Parr, a hermit who lived in the woods and kidnapped and murdered eight children in the 1940s. After spending the night at a motel, the students explore the woods in north Burkittsville to research the legend. Along the way they meet two fishermen, one of whom warns them that the woods are haunted. He also tells them of a young girl named Robin Weaver, who went missing in 1888; when she returned three days later, she talked about "an old woman whose feet never touched the ground." His companion, however, is skeptical of the story. The students hike to Coffin Rock, where five men were found ritualistically murdered in the 19th century, their bodies later disappearing. The group camps for the night.

They move deeper into the woods the next day and locate what appears to be an old cemetery with seven small cairns and set up camp nearby. That night, they hear the sound of twigs snapping from all directions but assume the noises are from animals or locals. The following day, they attempt to hike back to the car but are unable to find it before dark and make camp. They again hear twigs snapping at night but fail to find the source of the noises.

At morning, they find that three cairns have been built around their tent during the night, which unnerves them. As they continue, Heather realizes her map is missing and Mike later reveals he kicked it into a creek the previous day out of frustration, which prompts Heather and Josh to attack him in a rage. They realize they are now lost and decide simply to head south. They eventually reach a section where they discover a multitude of humanoid stick figures suspended from trees. They again hear sounds that night, including those of children laughing, among other strange noises. After an unknown force shakes the tent, they flee in panic and hide in the woods until dawn.

Upon returning to their tent, they find that their possessions have been rifled through, and Josh's equipment is covered with slime. As they continue, they come across a log on a river identical to one they crossed earlier. They realize they have walked in a circle, despite having traveled south all day, and once again make camp. Josh suffers a breakdown while holding the camera, taunting Heather for their circumstances and her constant recording of the events.

Josh has disappeared the next morning and Heather and Mike try in vain to find him before slowly moving on. That night, they hear Josh's agonized screams in the darkness but are unable to locate him. Mike and Heather theorize that Josh's screams are a fabrication by the witch to draw them out of their tent.

Get This Movie on Amazon



Dr Susan Tyler in Mimic

Played by Mira Sorvino


In Manhattan, cockroaches are spreading the deadly "Strickler's disease" that is claiming hundreds of the city's children. Dr. Peter Mann (Northam), Deputy Director of the CDC, recruits entomologist Dr. Susan Tyler (Sorvino), who uses genetic engineering to create what she calls the Judas breed, a large insect that releases an enzyme which accelerates the roaches' metabolism and causes them to starve to death faster than they can take in nourishment. The disease is successfully eradicated, and Peter and Susan later marry.

Three years later, a church reverend is chased and dragged underground by a strange assailant. The only witness is Chuy, the "special" ward of an immigrant subway shoe shiner named Manny (Giannini). Two kids later sell a "weird bug" from the subway to Susan, which she performs tests on, and realizes is similar to the Judas breed. At first, she believes that this is impossible, since the specimens she released were all-female and designed with a lifespan of only a few months, ensuring that the breed would die off after a single generation. She consults with her mentor, Dr. Gates (Abraham), who autopsies a larger specimen found in the city's sewage treatment plants, and finds that its organs are fully formed, meaning the Judas breed is not only alive, but has developed into a viable species, with a sizable colonyunderneath the city.

Looking for more valuable specimens, the kids go down the tracks where they find a large egg sac and are then killed by the same strange assailant. Chuy also enters the church to find "Mr. Funny Shoes" and is abducted. Peter, his assistant Josh (Brolin) and MTA officer Leonard (Dutton) enter the maintenance tunnels to investigate but Peter and Leonard get separated from Josh, who is then killed trying to find his way back up. Susan encounters what appears to be a shadowy man in a trench coat on a train platform.

Get This Movie on Amazon


Michelle’s choices

Alice from Resident Evil

Played by Milla Jovovich


The Umbrella Corporation operates a top-secret genetic research facility named The Hive. Located deep beneath Raccoon City, The Hive has been sealed by The Red Queen (the AI that controls the Hive) due to the release of the T-Virus into the facility. The Red Queen kills every living thing in the facility to ensure that the T-Virus doesn't reach the surface, but the T-Virus reanimates them, transforming the humans into ravenous zombies and the animals into highly aggressive mutants. 

Alice (Milla Jovovich) was once a security operative working for the Corporation until her memory was wiped by the Red Queen's nerve gas.

Get This Movie on Amazon


Ripley from Alien

Played by Sigourney Weaver


The commercial space tug Nostromo is on a return trip to Earth with a seven-member crew in stasis, Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt), Executive Officer Kane (John Hurt), Warrant Officer Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Navigator Lambert (Veronica Cartwright), Science Officer Ash (Ian Holm) and two Engineers, Parker (Yaphet Kotto) and Brett (Harry Dean Stanton). Detecting a transmission from nearby moon LV-426, the ship's computer, Mother, awakens the crew. Company policy requires any potential distress signal be investigated, so they land on the moon, sustaining damage from its atmosphere and rocky landscape.

Parker and Brett repair the ship while Dallas, Kane and Lambert head out to investigate. They discover the signal comes from a derelict alien ship and enter it, losing communication with Ash. Inside, they find the remains of a giant extraterrestrial navigator frozen in its chair.

Ripley deciphers part of the transmission, determining it's a warning. Inside the derelict ship, Kane discovers a chamber containing hundreds of large egg-like objects. When he touches one, it opens and a creature springs out and attaches itself to his head, going through the facemask of his helmet. Dallas and Lambert carry the unconscious Kane back to Nostromo.

As acting senior officer, Ripley refuses to let them aboard, citing quarantine regulations, but Ash ignores her and lets them inside. Ash attempts to remove the creature from Kane's face, discovering its blood is an extremely corrosive acid. It later detaches on its own and is found dead. The ship is partly repaired, and the crew lifts off.

Kane awakens with some memory loss but is otherwise unharmed. During a final crew meal before returning to stasis, he chokes and convulses, then dies as a small alien creature bursts from his chest and escapes into the ship. The crew attempts to locate it with tracking devices and capture or kill it with nets, electric prods and flamethrowers.

Brett follows the crew's cat, Jones, into a huge supply room where the now fully-grown alien attacks and disappears with the body, climbing into the rafters. A

fter heated discussion, the crew decide the creature must be in the air ducts. Dallas enters the ducts, intending to force the alien into an airlock, but it ambushes him. Lambert implores the others to abandon ship and escape in its small shuttle. Now in command, Ripley explains it will not support four people and pursues the plan of flushing out the alien.


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Entire cast from The Descent

Played by Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Alex Reid


One year after a tragic accident, six girlfriends meet in a remote part of the Appalachians for their annual caving trip. Deep below the surface of the earth, disaster strikes when a rock falls and blocks their route back to the surface. The group splinters and each push on, praying for another exit.

But there is something else lurking under the earth - a race of monstrous humanoid creatures that are adapted perfectly to life in the dark. As the friends realize they are now prey, they are forced to unleash their most primal instincts in an all-out war against an unspeakable horror - one that attacks without warning, again and again and again.

Get This Movie on Amazon


Ginger from Ginger Snaps

Played by Katharine Isabelle


Ginger and Brigitte, two sisters trapped in suburbia, are obsessed with mayhem, torture and death... until they get a taste of the real thing.


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5 Sil from Species

Played by Natasha Henstridge


During the SETI program, Earth's scientists send out transmissions with information about Earth and its inhabitants, DNA structure, etc., in hopes of finding life beyond Earth. They then receive transmissions from an alien source on how to create endless fuel effortlessly. Therefore, the scientists assume that this is a friendly alien species. From a second alien transmission, the scientists receive information about an alien DNA along with instructions on how to splice it with human DNA.

A government team led by Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley) goes forward with the genetic experiment attempting to induce a female, under the (later proved to be mistaken) assumption that a female would have "more docile and controllable" traits. One of the hundred experimental ova produces a girl named Sil, who looks like a normal human but develops into a 12-year-old in 3 months.

Sil's violent outbursts during sleep make the scientists consider her a threat. They try to kill her using cyanide gas but she breaks out of her containment cell and escapes. The government assembles a team composed of anthropologist Dr. Stephen Arden (Alfred Molina), molecular biologist Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger), "empath" Dan Smithson (Forest Whitaker) and mercenary Preston "Press" Lennox (Michael Madsen) to track and destroy Sil.


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Dread Nation

Dread Nation

July 27, 2018

Episode 36: Dread Nation 

Andi and Lise RAVE about the book Dread Nation by author Justina Ireland, which is billed as YA but really, EVERYBODY should read it. It’s an amazingly evocative tale of American race relations set against the backdrop of the Civil War but with a twist—zombies. Or, in the parlance of the times, “shamblers.” 

From the book description: 

Jane McKeene was born two days before the dead began to walk the battlefields of Gettysburg and Chancellorsville—derailing the War Between the States and changing America forever. In this new nation, safety for all depends on the work of a few, and laws like the Native and Negro Reeducation Act require certain children attend combat schools to learn to put down the dead. But there are also opportunities—and Jane is studying to become an Attendant, trained in both weaponry and etiquette to protect the well-to-do. It’s a chance for a better life for Negro girls like Jane. After all, not even being the daughter of a wealthy white Southern woman could save her from society’s expectations. 

The book deals with race, racial hierarchies as defined by skin color, and how a zombie apocalypse didn’t re-align race relations, but rather simply grafted them onto a new backdrop. The protagonist (Jane) is amazing and the story is well-crafted and you’re swept up in it immediately. READ THIS BOOK. 

Justina Ireland’s website 

Dread Nation is published by Balzar + Bray (imprint of HarperCollins) 

Here’s the Amazon link 

Interview with Amanda McLoughlin of the Join the Party podcast

Interview with Amanda McLoughlin of the Join the Party podcast

July 13, 2018

Interview with Amanda McLoughlin of the Join the Party podcast

Lez Geek Out: Episode 35

Andi and Lise totally fangirled over Amanda McLoughlin, but they still did manage to chat with her about one of her cool-ass projects, “Join the Party,” a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast in which four friends create a story together, chapter by chapter. Everyone from seasoned players to total beginners can enjoy this Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, with adventure, intrigue, drama, magic, and the chance to follow diverse characters. 

According to the Bello (podcasting) Collective, Join the Party has “gargoyles, robots, queerness, political intrigue, and a whole lot of sound design.” JTP also has introductory episodes to teach new listeners how to play D&D, and they also have interviews with innovators who are pushing the game forward. 

Amanda McLoughlin is a producer, founder of the production collective Multitude, a business builder, and old-school internet creator from New York who some of you may know as one of the co-hosts of the fabulous mythology, folklore and legends podcast, “Spirits.” 

Hit the link to visit the awesome: 

Join the Party 

Other D&D podcasts you might dig: 

The Adventure Zone 

Venture Maidens 

Dames & Dragons  

Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8

June 29, 2018

Episode 34: Ocean's 8

This week Lise and Andi lose their collective minds over the movie Ocean’s 8 because: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rhianna, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, and Anne Hathaway. Also, they both LUUUUV a good heist, and Ocean’s 8 delivers AND passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors. 

The writing is tight  (SO important in a heist plot!), the woman power is stellar, the humor is spot-on, and holy crap  the chemistry between the cast and especially Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett…Andi is shipping them hard. Ocean’s 8 is part of the Ocean’s franchise, and Bullock’s character is Debbie Ocean, sister of Danny Ocean. 

Plot summary: 

“Five years, eight months, 12 days and counting -- that's how long Debbie Ocean [Bullock] has been devising the biggest heist of her life. She knows what it's going to take -- a team of the best people in the field, starting with her partner-in-crime Lou Miller [Blanchett]. Together, they recruit a crew of specialists, including jeweler Amita [Kaling], street con Constance [Awkwafina], suburban mom Tammy [Paulson], hacker Nine Ball [Rihanna], and fashion designer Rose [Bonham Carter]. Their target -- a necklace that's worth more than $150 million.” 

Ocean’s 8 website 

Raven the Pirate Princess

Raven the Pirate Princess

June 15, 2018

Episode 33: Raven the Pirate Princess

This week, Andi and Lise rave about the comic Raven the Pirate Princess, a spinoff of the Princeless series, both written by Jeremy Whitley and, in the case of Raven, arted up by Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt. 

This is Volume 1, a compilation of initial issues (chapters) 1-4, in which Raven Tsingtao, the daughter of a pirate king, is double-crossed by her brothers. Her father’s legacy was supposed to be handed down to her, but her brothers poisoned him against her and now she’s looking for a pirate crew to reclaim her legacy and get revenge on her brothers. Follow Raven as she auditions potential crewmates, meets other strong badass women, and prepares to find her brothers. 

Andi and Lise rate Raven the Pirate Princess, as A—Awesome! Not only in characterization and storyline and art, but in diversity (many different body types, backgrounds, ethnicities, and races) and Awesome in potential queer rep. Raven is most likely a lesbian, and there are a few other characters who probably identify that way, too. 

Find it at Action Lab Comics and Amazon. 


Want more info? Check Keri Crist-Wagner’s piece at BookRiot and Mey Rude’s observations at Autostraddle. 



June 11, 2018


Episode: Fandoms

Show: Les Talk About It

Season: Lesbian Culture Overview

Lee Winter joins Sheena on this episode to discuss fandoms and their relation to lesbian culture.

We look at:

  • Why fandoms important in lesbian culture
  • How they have changes over the last 20 years
  • How it all started with Xena
  • How not to behave when you are a show runner or actor

Links to some of the stuff we discussed:

Find Mary D novels here


You can find all of the Les Talk About It episodes here 

Find Lee Winter Online




About Sheena

Sheena comes from a media background and in 2014 she started The Lesbian Review, a website dedicated to reviewing the best lesbian books and movies. In 2016 A podcast channel seemed like a natural progression and so she started The Lesbian Talk Show

Sheena discovered lesbian fiction in her late teens and it helped her with her coming out process, something for which she will always be grateful. 

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Dungeon Crawling with Lise and Nita, A Discussion of D&D

Dungeon Crawling with Lise and Nita, A Discussion of D&D

June 1, 2018

Episode 32

Lise has gone off the rails without Andi this week, and brings in author Nita Round to geek out about one of her favorite subjects of late: D&D!!! For those not in the know, D&D stands for Dungeons & Dragons and is a fantasy-based role-playing game.

Nita and Lise talk about their experiences playing the game, the sorts of hi-jinks that happen when you get cranky wizards together with clueless clerics, and games devolve into one long attempt to barbecue their way across a fantasy landscape.

Nita Round (and her fabulous books) can be found at

More about D&D can be found at the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons website.

LA Web Series

LA Web Series

May 18, 2018

Episode 31

This week, Andi interviewed two of the creative forces behind L.A. Web Series, a currently 2-season web series available on YouTube that follows a chance meeting between two women one evening in L.A. and what kind of connection they forge in the night they spend wandering around the city before Landon has to fly back to the UK in the morning.

Emma Maddock plays Landon in the series. She is an actress originally from Manchester, England, who was also a producer on the series.

Alexandra Swarens plays Avery. She is a writer and actress originally from Sacramento, California who wrote the series and also directed it.

Here they dish on their backgrounds and on filming the series, and provide some advice on creating content. They also spill a bit about new projects they’re working on.

You can find both seasons of L.A. Web Series on YouTube.

Find Emma Maddock on Twitter (@Emmaddock) and Instagram (@maddock94) and the L.A. Web Series on Twitter (@LAWebSeries).

Alexandra’s Twitter account is at @ASwarens.

Lesbians In Media

Lesbians In Media

May 14, 2018

Episode: Lesbians In Media 

Podcast: Les Talk About It

Season: Lesbian Culture 

In this episode of Les Talk About It, Sheena and Tamara talk about Lesbian Culture, specifically Lesbians on TV.

They look at

  • Why it's important to have lesbian rep
  • Having lesbian rep in kids TV
  • When the first gay character appeared on TV
  • When the first lesbian appeared on TV
  • The first lesbian kiss on TV
  • The first lesbian wedding
  • Ellen coming out
  • The L Word
  • Kill your gays
  • Clexcon
  • WayHaut

About The Hosts

Sheena comes from a media background and in 2014 she started The Lesbian Review, a website dedicated to reviewing the best lesbian books and movies. In 2016 A podcast channel seemed like a natural progression and so she started The Lesbian Talk Show

Sheena discovered lesbian fiction in her late teens and it helped her with her coming out process, something for which she will always be grateful. 

Tamara is a marketing professional and has branched out into design and photography. Her natural love for research and learning meant that she was the perfect podcast partner when Sheena wanted to start Les Talk About It. (Well, that and the fact that Tamara is married to Sheena.) 


You can find all of the Les Talk About It episodes here 


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Facebook page

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Lez Geek Out! Killjoys

Lez Geek Out! Killjoys

May 4, 2018

Episode 30

Andi and Lise totally geeked out over the SyFy series Killjoys, which is about to enter its fourth season. It’s an absolutely delicious space opera that explores all levels of political intrigue and its effects on personal relationships.

Killjoys, in the show, are galactic bounty hunters that operate in a four-planet system called the Quad, which is beholden to “The Company,” which in turn is tied to a group of families called “The Nine,” who have worked hand-in-glove with the Company to leverage political and cultural influence. It’s a hierarchical society based on class ties, but also blood and political ties. The Company has, of course, extended its greedy and often corrupt power grabs all over the Quad, stripping areas of their resources and leaving godawful pollution and crap in its wake.

This is the backdrop for an intriguing maelstrom of excellent storylines!

Andi and Lise highly recommend this show.

Catch it on and Amazon and DVD on Netflix (check your country’s listings).

Blast from the Past: Lez Geek Out: Spirits Podcast

Blast from the Past: Lez Geek Out: Spirits Podcast

April 20, 2018

Spirits Podcast 

Andi and Lise RAVE about Spirits Podcast, which is: “…boozy biweekly podcast about mythology, legends, and lore. Every episode, co-hosts Julia and Amanda mix a drink and discuss a new story or character from a wide range of places, eras, and cultures. Learn brand-new stories and enjoy re-tellings of your favorite myths, served over ice every two weeks, on Spirits.” 

Andi and Lise really dig the banter between hosts Amanda and Julia, who speak enthusiastically and knowledgeably about mythological creatures, paranormal creatures and themes, and folklore all over the place. They skillfully lay out the legends, address major themes, and then link them to contemporary cultural interpretations and mores. And they are all about women’s rep in these journeys into mythological pasts. 

Find Spirits Podcast HERE

And as a side note, Spirits will soon be going WEEKLY rather than biweekly, beginning at some point in October.