Book Clips: Dawn Of The Deb by Laurie Moore

September 10, 2016

In This Episode of Book Clips Laurie Moore reads from her novel, Dawn Of The Deb.

Synopsis for Dawn Of The Deb by Laurie Moore

When Dainty Prescott, privileged socialite, last year’s debutante, broadcast
journalist for WBFD-TV, and owner of the Debutante Detective Agency accepts and
squanders a retainer from oil baron Avery Marshall, she becomes obligated to
groom Avery’s socially awkward stepdaughter, Dawn, for the upcoming, über
-exclusive Rubanbleu ball. 

To kick off her training, Avery sends Dainty, her sister Teensy, and Dainty’s friends Salem and Venice for a spa weekend with Dawn at a west Texas resort. But the trip goes terribly wrong when the girls witness killers storm the lodge and execute the owners and staff. Authorities wonder if the murders are the result of a drug deal gone bad; Dainty suspects her jailed
stepmother hired hit men to kill her and Teensy to prevent them from testifying
at her upcoming murder trial. Fleeing the killers on their trail, the women
retreat to Daisy’s grandmother’s mansion. 

Then Dainty discovers that Dawn is
mentally ill and un-medicated, making her just as dangerous as the men they’re
running from. Chopper Deke, WBFD’s helicopter pilot, offers them his home with a
panic room, but celebutant Dainty and her socialites must move quickly to
unravel the reason behind the resort murders, while staying one step ahead of
four men in black ski masks who want them dead.

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