Book Clips: Frankie And Petra by EA Kafkalas Narrated by Katelyn Pekrul

February 18, 2017

Book Clips 

Frankie and Petra by EA Kafkalas Narrated by Katelyn Pekrul 


Is chemistry enough? 

Homicide detective Petra Theopholis is good at her job. She closes cases, but her world is turned upside down one morning when she meets a young grad student.  

Painter Frankie Martineli has lost everyone she’s ever loved in this world, so she wants nothing to do with someone that puts their life on the line every day.  

After a one night stand they go their separate ways. When a case draws them together, they find that their passions can’t be contained. But when fate throws them both into the face of danger, will their love survive? 


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