Book Clips: Getting Mama Out Of Hell by Laurie Moore

October 14, 2016

Getting Mama Out of Hell

by Laurie Moore

When British visitors Elle Winthrop and her daughter Elizabeth die near the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, they learn there is life after death, and that Elle’s mother is living in eternal damnation. But they have a chance to secure Mama’s entrance into Heaven if they return to Fort Worth and convince five people to do an extraordinarily good deed in her name. But that’s not going to be easy: Elle returns in the body of twelve-yearold Sylvester “Sly” Gooch, an African-American with a colorful police history, while Elizabeth reappears as Adelaide Hollingsworth, a wealthy white octogenarian and the victim of a mugging— by Sly. 

Now Sly and Addie must move between Addie’s world of privilege and Sly’s crime-infested neighborhood, all while dodging the police. Discard Sly’s ankle monitor and add Allen Carswell, the Fort Worth policeman who was engaged to marry Elle, and you have a boy on the lam at odds with a lovesick Brit. Throw in 

an old lady who realizes her scheming daughter and son-in-law will stop at nothing to seize control of her estate. Unravel Mama’s sketchy past that includes a high-profile homicide, a missing socialite, and an ongoing murder conspiracy, and you have Getting Mama Out of Hell, a suspense-filled read that promises—and delivers—a rollicking good time.

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