The Ultimate Betrayal by Annette Mori - Book Clips

December 14, 2017

The Ultimate Betrayal by Annette Mori - Book Clips 


Lara is a successful, beautiful, charming, financier. She is also a total control freak, so whatever Lara wants, Lara makes sure she gets. Lara has a secret and is playing a dangerous game that might end up costing her everything she values…money and love. 

Rachel is Lara’s fun loving, charming, irresistible wife. Her charisma is equal to her beauty, warmth, and compassion. 

Sophia’s surprise visit to see Lara sets in motion a number of life-changing events for them all. But just who is Sophia? 

Add Joy, Sophia’s opinionated best friend, and you have the recipe for a fast-paced romance complete with satisfying twists and turns. 

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. 


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