Women and Words: Tech issues, Tremontaine, and Tai Chi

November 12, 2017

Women and Words Overview

4-10 Nov. 2017


Jove had a NaNoWriNoMo day because of tech issues; Andi would like someone in Australia to invite her for Christmas so she can experience it in shorts but agrees with Jove that an epic road trip across Australia would be cool, too. Also, serial fiction is seriously awesome.


4 Nov.: Women and Wordster Ann Etter did a reader’s perspective on books with family themes.

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5 Nov.: Author/playwright/webmaster/designer Mary D. Brooks stopped by to tell us about her work and latest serial play, “An Egyptian Treasure,” which is set in 1948. Mary also runs the Xena site AUSXIP.com.

6 Nov.: Author and Women and Wordster Lynette Mae is on the NaNoWriMo journey this year, and hopefully it’ll kick her writing slump right where it counts. Go, LM!

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7 Nov.: Author and brand new Women and Wordster Penny Mickelbury kicks off her tenure with us with a blog about the war on women.

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  • Penny Mickelbury’s website

8 Nov.: Author Tessa Gratton stopped by to talk about serialized fiction, and her work with Tremontaine, the serialized fiction that is a prequel to Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint. Tremontaine is available through Serial Box.

9 Nov.: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde is on the road again, this time to Madrid, Spain.

10 Nov.: Author and humorist Fay Jacobs on Tai Chi, chai tea, and how nice it is not to wear an ill-fitting tu-tu.


NaNoWriMo continues, friends! Dirt Road Books has its second write-in on Nov. 11th on Facebook. Stop by the DRB FB page for details. And the deadline for the Lambda Literary Awards is Dec. 1. ALSO! Authors, if you’d like to participate in the Women and Words Hootenanny, SIGN UP NOW.


And here in the U.S., Nov. 11 is Veterans Day. Thank you, veterans, for your service.