Women and Words: We probably should have stayed sleeping today

February 11, 2018

3-9 February 2018


Thank GAWD Andi is here to tell Jove that yes, the Winter Olympics have started and omg Olympic geopolitics! #somuchintrigue Also, Andi wishes Fiona Zedde had posted her essay about Italian toilets, but no such luck. Also, Andi thinks Hayley Kiyoko is the shizzle and you should totally buy her music and go see her in the movie Becks. And on tour, if you can. Because fangirling. And queerfolk.


3 Feb.: Women and Wordster Ann Etter does a reader’s perspective on books that have athletes and athleticism as a focus, in honor of the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

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4 Feb.: Author K. Aten stopped by to talk about releasing her first book and pondering an author brand.


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5 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Lynette Mae joined us to talk about trying to deal with intolerance and racism.


6 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Penny Mickelbury joined us with some words about stereotypes.

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7 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Carsen Taite interviewed BSB sci fi authors CJ Birch and Jane C. Esther.


8 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde was going to do an essay on Italian toilets, but decided instead to talk about her latest books, Insatiable Appetites.


9 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette fangirls over musical (and acting) talent Hayley Kiyoko.


Jove is doing a reading next weekend at Taborspace in Portland. That’s Feb. 18,  3-5 PM. Other authors are Lori Lake, Sandra De Helen, G.L. Morrison, Louisa Kelley, Heather Jane, Dolores Maggiore, and Jane Cuthbertson.


Jove will also be at the launch party for author Heather Jane’s debut novel at Another Read Through in Portland. That’s March 3 1.30-3.30 PM.


And Dirt Road Books has posted a couple of free Valentine’s Day short stories! Go see.