Women And Words: Weekly Roundup 18-24 Feb & The Medieval Pass

February 26, 2017

Women and Words 

Overview, 18-24 Feb. 2017 

Andi and Jove attempt to figure out what exactly a “Medieval Pass” is before they wax serious with regard to Ashley Bartlett’s blog and then Renée Bess’ blog. They’re glad that Women and Words is the kind of space contributors feel comfortable expressing thoughts on the topics both Ashley and Renée addressed this week. And then they got crazy again and rave about the movie Mad Max: Fury Road because nothing says date night like post-apocalyptic car chases across a vast wasteland. Especially with Charlize Theron driving. CHARLIZE THERON, people. She can drive us anywhere she wants! 


18 Feb.:  A call for submissions posted, from Sapphire Books. 


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20 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Stevie Caroll joined us for another cool history jaunt in the UK. 


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Stevie Carroll’s LiveJournal 


21 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Ashley Bartlett wrote on the violence that LGBTQ people face on a day-to-day basis and will we speak out? 


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Ashley Bartlett info 


23 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess wrote a moving piece on dealing (trying to deal) with her mother’s recent death, and how she’s trying to navigate the changed circumstances in her own life. 


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Renée Bess’ website 


24 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette does a fangirl Friday on the movie Fury Road


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Jove brought up the LGBT+ readers’ n’ writers’ event held in Seattle every fall. It used to be Gay Romance Northwest Meetup and it has changed its name to Read with Pride Northwest. We’ll have more info as it becomes available. Also, ClexaCon is NEXT FREAKING WEEKEND and Andi is so excited she can BARELY STAND IT.