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May 7, 2016

Women And Words

24 April 2016


Yvonne Heidt joined us on Monday, April 25th to talk about making the finalists’ list of the Golden Crown Literary Society awards for the third book in her Sisters of Spirit trilogy, The Deadening.

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Yvonne’s website



Carsen Taite joined us on Wednesday the 27th to let us know about her latest, which is just about ready for publication. It’s called “Without Justice” and it’s a standalone romance/intrigue.

LINK to the blog at Women and Words: https://womenwords.org/2016/04/27/the-great-in-between/

 Carsen’s website: http://carsentaite.com/



Jove announced on Thursday the 28th that we have 2 new bloggers joining us for regular spots. They are authors Fiona Zedde and Renée Bess.

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Fiona’s website


Renée’s website



Andi did one of her weekend fun stuff roundups on Friday the 29th in which she tips readers to cool/fun/silly stuff they might like. This week, she brought up three comics she’s been reading, talked a bit about Wynonna Earp, a show on SyFy she’s been watching, and also provided a 5-song playlist off Spotify of songs she’s been obsessing with this week. 

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And on Saturday, Erin Saluta did a blog about breakups in lesbian fiction. Erin is our resident non-writer, but she’s an avid reader of lesfic, and always comes up with great things to discuss.

LINK to the blog at Women and Words: https://womenwords.org/2016/04/30/that-would-do-it/


Andi then discussed the forthcoming anthology she co-edited with R.G. Emanuelle, “Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica.” They’ll be doing a giveaway at Women and Words on 6 May.


LINK to the book info at Ylva Publishing 



Jove then talked about the forthcoming anthology she co-edited with author Jae, called “Finding Ms. Write,” a collection of stories about finding book/writing-themed love.

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Andi and Jove then talked about a call for submissions at Bold Strokes Books for an anthology called “Girls Next Door: Lesbian Romance.” The deadline is 30 June, so there’s still time. Info at Women and Words here 


Or at Lambda Literary 



Andi and Jove chatted about the upcoming Lesvos Lesfic conference and brought up author Gill McKnight, who did a brief chat about it for Ylva Pack Talk.


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Link to Lesvos Lesfic conference info



Andi and Jove mentioned the upcoming Golden Crown Literary Society conference.


Info about it here 



Andi and Jove chatted about Jove’s podcast that she does with author Blythe Rippon, called Badass Women Save Themselves, which deals with representations of women in pop culture. This week, they chatted about Devil Wore Prada fanfic, specifically, the piece “Truth and Measure” by Telanu.  

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Link to Blythe Rippon’s website