Women And Words: No One Wants Jove On The Jury + Update On Andi’s Hair

October 23, 2016

Women and Words

Podcast Overview 15-21 October 2016

In which Jove Belle and Andi Marquette prattle on about a variety of topics, including the truism that one simply can never have enough T-shirts, especially of the fangirl variety. Oh, and fangirling is awesome.


15 October: Women and Wordster Erin Saluta was recently called for jury duty and indeed, turned it into a blog about lesfic and lawyers portrayed therein.


Women and Words link HERE


16 October: TWOFER! Author Gabriella Meghan joined us to talk about her debut novel, As Told by Us. We also did an ebook giveaway of her novel.


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Gabriella Meghan’s website


16 October: AND author Jen Silver stopped by to chat about her 5th novel, Christmas at Winterbourne (hit the link to read the first chapter). AND she did a giveaway of that as well as some other stuff.


Women and Words link HERE

Jen Silver’s blogsite


17 October: Author and intrepid explorer Stevie Carroll told us about her latest project, collaborating with members of the history group in her parents’ village to produce 2 books that commemorate the roles played by the villagers in World War I.


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Stevie Carroll’s LiveJournal


19 October: Editor and author Cheyenne Blue joined us to chat up Aussie Outback pubs, which play a role in her latest, Not-So-Straight Sue. AND yet another GIVEAWAY!


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Cheyenne Blue’s website


20 October: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle did a great discussion on the evolution of her writers’ group over the years, and the integration of tech as a tool to meet.


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R.G. Emanuelle’s website


21 October: TWOFER! First, we sent out notice that we have updated our static page that includes our Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions list. This month, we’ve listed releases we know about for October and those that are forthcoming in November. We’ve also left September up.


New Releases and Coming Attractions page LINK


AND 21 October: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette’s Fangirl Friday featured an interview with the founders of the awesome community-minded T-shirt company Fangirl Shirts. GIVEAWAY! You can win a free shirt (your choice!). Just go and comment on the blog (see link below). Drawing closes Wednesday, 26 October.


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Fangirl Shirts website

Andi Marquette’s website


And do you know who ELSE gives a percentage of T-shirt sales back to the community? WOMEN AND WORDS, that’s who! Some of the proceeds from Women and Words T-shirts go to the Golden Crown Literary Society. GO SEE.


Don’t forget! The GCLS 2017 conference is in Chicago this year (July), and hotel rooms are already available and they will go soon.


And speaking of fundraising for the GCLS, don’t forget that Bella Books is putting together an anthology with proceeds going to the GCLS general fund. The theme is “I was a con virgin…” and then go cray-cray with that. Deadline is 1 February 2017. HERE ARE THE DETAILS.


Back to fangirling, coming in March, 2017, is the inaugural CLEXACON! That’s right, a con named in honor of the Clexa ship from The 100, and it’s all about queer women in media and representation. It’s in Las Vegas, and features queer women  producers, directors, and actresses, including Katherine Barrell of Wynonna Earp fame (half of the WayHaught ship) and Shamin Sharif and Alice Wu among so many awesome others! Plus panel discussions and workshops and vendors and artists and…omg. I can’t even…


Find out more at the ClexaCon link.


Jove would also like everyone to know about LootCrate, which is a monthly box of mystery fandom goodies for fans, gamers, nerds, n’ geeks. So if you’re interested, HERE.


And remember, if you have news or an event you’d like us to know about, hit our “contact” link at the Women and Words website.