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Women And Words: School Teachers, Mentors and Muses

May 29, 2016

And Marquette and Jove Belle from the Women and Words blog do a round up of what's going on in their world


22 May: Author Barbara Ann Wright blogged about her latest release, the sci fi novel Paladins of the Storm Lord, in the blog titled “My Superpower.” (Please make sure you visit Barbara’s website and check out her awesome Barbie videos.) 

Women and Words link to Barbara’s blog HERE


Barbara Ann Wright’s website is HERE

23 May: Author Yvonne Heidt lamented the whereabouts of her muse, Macy, in “Thumbtacks on a Rampage” and asked for tips as to how to lure her back (Yvonne really wants to start her next project!). 

Women and Words link to Yvonne’s blog HERE


Yvonne Heidt’s website HERE

24 May: Girls with Guns Giveaway! Author Carsen Taite is holding a giveaway for the collection of novellas, Girls with Guns, featuring authors Michelle Grubb, Ali Vali, and Carsen. To enter, answer the following question: Which author—Michelle, Ali, or Carsen—is LEAST likely to be found shooting guns alongside her protagonist? 


Women and Words link to Carsen’s blog HERE

25 May: Author Renee Bess debuts as a regular Women and Words contributor with her stories of her recent trip to France. Renee is a seasoned traveler, but France holds a special place in her heart. Read “Le Retour” to find out more and acquaint yourself with Renee. 

Women and Words link to Renee’s blog HERE


Renee’s website HERE.  


26 May: Author Beth Burnett, who is also the director of membership for the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS focuses on lesfic), blogged about the GCLS Writing Academy, a 10-month program (with a focus on lesfic) for brand new writers or writers who would like structure and writing craft work under their belts. The program is $995 U.S., but there is a scholarship available, in honor of the late and deeply missed author Sandra Moran. Though the scholarship application deadline for this year has passed, there’s still time to apply to the academy. 



Women and Words link to Beth’s blog about the Writing Academy HERE



Link to GCLS Writing Academy info HERE (also included at WaW link). 


Link to info about the Sandra Moran scholarship HERE (also included at WaW link). 

27 May: Erin Saluta, reader extraordinaire, blogged about cars in her weekly Reader’s Perspective blog. This week’s “Vroom!” takes a lot of us back to remembering our first cars. 

Women and Words link to Erin’s blog HERE.

Also, the Lambda Literary Society Awards gala is Monday, June 6th in New York City. Here’s the list of finalists.

And, if you’d like to advertise on the Women and Words site, CLICK HERE. $5/month. The Women and Words crew use the money to fund giveaways, especially the massive, crazy, end-of-the-year giveaway we do called The Hootenanny in which we give away books and whatever else for TWELVE DAYS.

Here’s a sample from last year of the crazy fun we get up to. Twelve days of that, people. Imagine, if you can. 


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