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Women And Words: The Horrible-ness of AfterEllen

September 25, 2016

Women and Words

18-23 September 2016


Andi Marquette and Jove Belle chattin’ up a storm this week!

18 September: Author Heather Blackmore stopped back by to tell us a bit more about and provide another excerpt from her latest, For Money or Love.

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Heather Blackmore’s website

19 September: Author and Women and Words’ intrepid explorer Stevie Carroll joined us for another fab description of her latest adventure, to the city of Hudderfield in West Yorkshire, where she discovered that there are lots of lions incorporated into the architecture…hmmm…what does it all mean…

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Stevie Carroll’s LiveJournal

21 September: Author Jody Klaire stopped by with her ruminations on how writing can help you raise awareness in a variety of ways. Jove and Andi ruminate on the zen of Jody.

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Jody Klaire’s website

22 September: Author and Women and Wordster Gill McKnight told us a bit about Women Fest on the Greek island of Lesvos, in the town of Skala Eressos, where Sappho’s legendary school was based.

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Gill McKnight’s website

23 September: Fangirl Friday with author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette, who discusses the 1985 film The Goonies, and her recent visit to the town where it was filmed in Oregon. She and Jove ponder why that movie resonated with so many, and bring in some angst of the era to unpack it.

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Andi Marquette’s website

Jove is headed up to Seattle Saturday the 24th to participate in the Gay Romance Northwest meetup at the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library. Books! Authors! Discussions! Free!

Jove and Andi discussed the horrible-ness of shutting down. That is, the site will be left up, and there might be some new content from freelancers, but basically, it’s dead. Former editor-in-chief posted on her Tumblr about what happened, and that AE was taken over by a media company that gave it two years to be profitable. Apparently, it wasn’t profitable enough, and Trish also called out the new management, which is mostly male and mostly heterosexual. For that, she was let go earlier and the offer of a severance package was rescinded. [NOTE: it’s Bilerico that reported that, not LGBTQ Nation, as Andi said in the podcast. Sorry about the error.]

Former colleagues at AE set up a fundraising page to help Trish Bendix. The page wanted to raise $5,000 and anything past that they’d give to AutoStraddle, which is perpetually struggling.

The larger question Andi and Jove raise is how do we keep lesbian/bi/queer women’s media going? Something we all need to address as a community.

Here’s the link to the fundraising page for Trish and AutoStraddle.

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