Therapy Cafe: All Tied Up

June 6, 2016

This week Zane and Thalia discuss getting experimental in bed. 

Please note: Authors KA Moll and Darla Baker play characters in their novels, Zane Winslow and Thalia Chase respectively. This is done for entertainment purposes only.
You can check out their website

Women And Words: Free Stories and Book Pirates

June 5, 2016

29 May: Author Karen Richard of Bedazzled Ink Publishing posted a free short story that deals with the horrible anti-trans/anti-LGB so-called bathroom bill that passed in North Carolina recently. Karen lives in NC, so she’s seeing first-hand what’s happening.



Direct link to the blog at Women and Words HERE.


Info about Karen Richard at the GusGus imprint, Bedazzled Ink.



30 May: Call for Submissions, Off the Rocks: An Anthology of GLBT Writing. Theme: “Coming Out on Stage.” Pieces must be less than 5000 words. Plays must be 10 pages or less. Deadline Aug. 15. Hit the link below for more info.



Women and Words link for more info about this call HERE.


Info about New Town Writers HERE.



31 May: Author Barbara Winkes joins us to chat a bit about her journey in the writing and publishing world. AND she’s doing a giveaway.



Women and Words link HERE.


Barbara Winkes’ website.



1 June: Women and Words co-admin Jove Belle posted number 6 in her marketing and promo series, and it’s about book piracy and taking a different perspective to combat it and change people’s minds about it through positive pursuits like providing copies of your books to libraries and LGBT* community centers.



Women and Words link HERE.


Jove Belle’s author website.



2 June: Author and Women and Words regular contributor R.G. Emanuelle posted on remembering why you write, which resonated with a lot of people. Writing isn’t always about the money – it’s about the creative journey both outside and within yourself, and sometimes, it’s important to think about that and remember why you’re doing it.



Women and Words link HERE.


R.G. Emanuelle’s author website.



3 June: Women and Words co-admin Andi Marquette posted about the upcoming Golden Crown Literary Society conference (the only organization so far dedicated to lesbian fiction) in July in Washington, D.C., and provided 5 reasons to go to the conference and 5 reasons to join the GCLS ($25/year for individuals).



Women and Words link HERE.


Andi Marquette’s author website.



Also! Andi Marquette and R.G. Emanuelle are doing a blog tour featuring all the authors in their anthology Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica. Every week day from June 6-June 24. Women and Words will be posting the schedule on Monday, and you can always go to Andi’s site (see above) for info on her blog, The Situation Room.



AND don’t forget! Women and Words sells T-shirts (they give away a lot, too) and all proceeds go to charity. Lately, they’ve been donating the money to the GCLS. That’ll probably change in August, but for now, GCLS. Interested? Click this link (for future reference, it’s  under the “Contact Us” link on the site). They’re updating the design, and that’ll be rolled out for 2016 in a bit.



Les Do Books: The Abomination of Reading Ahead and Brooklyn’s Haunted office

June 3, 2016

Les Do Books

The Abomination Of Reading Ahead and Brooklyn's Haunted Office

This week on Les Do Books, Tara and Brooklyn chat about their new book club where they will read Backwards To Oregon by Jae. You can find it on | | | 

The charming duo also talk about what they are currently reading, why Rebecca Swartz novels are awesome, what Tara thinks of the Marianne K Martin book she is currently reading and they finish off the Fletcher Delancey trilogy that you can find on | | | 


And then most importantly is the discussion on reading etiquette and whether or not it is okay to read the end before you get there. Plus hear how Brooklyn's office might be haunted. 


Enjoy :)  



Write Stuff: An Interview With Andi Marquette

June 2, 2016

This week we chat to Andi Marquette about her writing. Andi had me in stitches for much of the interview with her life philosophies and quirky thoughts.

You can find her work on | or on her website 

Les Talk About It: Lone Star Lesbian Disney Princesses

June 1, 2016

Les Talk About It

The Lone Start Lesbian

In today's episode of Les Talk About It Sheena and Tamara discuss the push to make Elsa, from Frozen a lesbian and they play a game of lesbian 30 Seconds, where Sheena learns what a Lone Star is.