Book Clips: Vellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLancey Narrated by Ann Etter

March 11, 2017

Book Clips 

Vellmar The Blade by Fletcher DeLancey Narrated by Ann Etter 



An elite warrior. A split-second decision that launches a legend. 

Lead Guard Fianna Vellmar is the daughter of a champion, raised from childhood to work hard and be the very best. When she is given the opportunity to compete at the highest level and earn her place among Alsea’s elite warriors, a stunning turn of events forces her to choose between life and glory, mercy and pride. 

Vellmar became a legend not for winning a championship, but for losing it. 

With Vellmar the Blade, Fletcher DeLancey has created another strong female protagonist in her compelling science fiction series Chronicles of Alsea. 


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Les Do Books: Salem West Talks Jewish Lesbian Fiction

March 10, 2017

Les Do Books

Salem West Talks Jewish Lesbian Fiction

Listen as Tara talks to author, reviewer and Bywater Books publisher Salem West. Salem comes prepared with her reader hat on and shares about three books by Jewish lesbian authors that are not to be missed. 

Check out the books discussed here: 


Learn more about Salem West


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Beyond the Pale

Set in Russia and New York during the early twentieth century, Beyond the Pale follows the lives of two women born in a Russian-Jewish settlement who immigrate to New York’s Lower East Side. Gutke Gurvich is a midwife who travels to America with her partner, a woman passing as a man. Their story crosses with that of Chava Meyer, a girl who was attended by Gutke at her birth and was later orphaned during the Kishinev pogrom of 1903. Chava immigrates with the family of her cousin Rose, and the two girls begin working at fourteen as they live through the oppression and tragedies of their time. They grow to become lovers, which leads them to search for a community they can truly call their own.


Touching on the hallmarks of the Progressive Era—the Women’s Trade Union League, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, anarchist and socialist movements, women’s suffrage, anti-Semitism—Dykewomon’s Beyond the Pale is a richly detailed and moving story, offering a glimpse into a world that is often overlooked.

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The Escape Artist

Sofia, a nice Jewish girl from Poland, is lured away from home by Tutsik Goldenberg, a wealthy traveling businessman who claims to be a lonely Argentine diamond merchant in search of a wife. Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, Tutsik dumps Sofia at his sister’s brothel.

Hankus, also a nice Jewish girl from Poland, is passing as a man. Having escaped the pogroms of Poland that killed her family, she lives her life as a handsome and mysterious magician and escape artist.

When Tutsik spots the talented juggler and acrobat Hankus he envisions success as his manager, seeing Hankus as the means to get out from under his sister’s thumb.

Sofia and Hankus fall in love and their attempts to walk the tightrope of love, freedom, and independence are quickly put to the test.

Sex, deception, magic, and love are the main ingredients of this tour de force novel by Lambda Literary Award winner Judith Katz. In The Escape Artist, Katz reveals that all human interactions consist of love and hate, deception and candor, altruism and self-interest. This is as true in our lives today as it was in an immigrant community at the turn of the last century.

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I Came Out for This

There’s only one place Joanna Kane can tell it like it is. Her journal:

I hate Terri Rubin, the woman I’m in love with. She called and told me she’s dating a woman named Sonya. I hate this Sonya and I hate Terri and I hate myself because I was never like this in my life. Do you know what it’s like to come out when you’re in your forties, having menopausal symptoms, for God’s sake, and then fall madly in love with someone? All of a sudden you’re in adolescencefor the first time. You don’t even recognize yourself. My whole adult life I was this cool, collected writer, strutting around in jeans and leather jacket, advising friends and siblings about their relationships, being a devoted daughter and a responsible professional person and a good citizen, and then one day I woke up and realized I was gay, and then this sassy woman walked into my life and I fell in love at first sight, after spending my life thinking that never really happened and only watching West Side Story because of the gangs. And now I’ve become the kind of person I used to make fun of, who becomes hysterical because her beloved tells her she’s dating some woman named Sonya who has an apothecary store in Bethesda, Maryland.

I’m sick of being in this endless rut, I’m sick of Cleveland, and I’m thinking of moving to Washington, DC to be with Terri Rubin who I hate.


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Book Clips: Just Physical by Jae Narrated by Ann Etter

March 9, 2017

Book Clips 

Just Physical by Jae Narrated by Ann Etter 


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, twenty-five-year-old Jill Corrigan takes herself off the romantic market. Not wanting to become a burden to a potential partner, she focuses on her career as an actress instead.

On the set of a disaster movie, she meets stunt woman Kristine “Crash” Patterson, whose easy smile instantly makes Jill wish things were different. Meanwhile, Crash is trained to fall, but she didn’t count on falling in love.

Despite their growing feelings for each other, Jill resolves to let Crash into her bed, but not her heart.

As they start to play with fire on and off camera, will they really be able to keep things just physical?


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Lez Geek Out! Chaos Life

March 8, 2017

Lez Geek Out 

Chaos Life web comic 

Lise MacTeague and Andi Marquette are stoked to talk about the web comic Chaos Life, which follows the lives and relationship of two people, A. Stiffler and K. Copeland. A identifies as agender while K is cisgender and identifies as female and lesbian. They are married to each other. 

Chaos Life deals with the mundane and sometimes the deep, as in politics, LGBTQIA issues, gender, sexuality, and mental health. It’s a sweet, funny, quirky look at A and K’s everyday lives, with the good and the bad, and—BONUS!—it also serves as an educator in terms of LGBTQIA lives. 


Find Chaos Life HERE 


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Harper Bliss And Her Mrs: The Must-Mave’s On An Author Website

March 7, 2017

Harper Bliss And Her Mrs

The Must-Have’s For An Author Website


In this episode Harper Bliss and Her Mrs (Caroline) discuss why you should have an author website and what it should have on it.


Find out:

  • Why it’s a good idea to own your own domain name
  • What Harper did when the domain name for her pen name was already taken
  • What the main goal should be for an author website
  • What Harper and Caroline’s pet peeves are for author sites


If you have questions please feel free to email them to and they will either answer them on the show or on their blog.


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Les Talk About It: All Lesbians Hate Men????

March 6, 2017

Les Talk About It 

All Lesbians Hate Men???

In this episode of Les Talk About it Sheena and Tamara are discussing the common misconception that all lesbians hate men. They ask the question is it true and where does this belief come from?



Sheena is the founder of The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel and The Lesbian Review. Tamara is super smart and loves researching and together this married couple are known to get slightly off topic and laugh a lot.

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Women And Words: Andi Is Outa Control While Jove Ponders A Roomba

March 5, 2017

Women and Words

Overview, 25 Feb.-3 Mar. 2017


Andi is in Vegas for ClexaCon and she is outta control, friends! Celebrity sightings in the bathroom! Fangirling! Panels! AHHHHHHH! And Jove might want a Roomba. Plus, y’all share the luv, now.

25 Feb. Info about a writing workshop with Jennifer Morales on writing authentic character voices.

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Jennifer Morales’ website HERE


26 Feb.: Author Ann Aptaker joined us with a blog about walking through New York, where her character Cantor Gold goes. Also, she did a book giveaway.

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Ann Aptaker’s website HERE


27 Feb.: Author and Women and Wordster Yvonne Heidt blogged about her latest release, Meet Me In the Middle and did a giveaway. She also provided an excerpt.

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Yvonne Heidt’s website


28 Feb.: Author Lee Lynch joins us with another stop on the Amazon Trail, talking about freeing up time for life, romance, and activism.

Women and Words link HERE

Lee Lynch’s website


1 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster Carsen Taite updated us on her upcoming events and forthcoming publication.

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Carsen Taite’s website


2 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle waxed philosophical about life and the crazy. Jove and Andi remind everybody to share the luv.

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R.G. Emanuelle’s website


3 Mar.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette is in Las Vegas for the first ClexaCon! And it is AMAZING. She’s posting photos and tidbits on Twitter and Tumblr!

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Andi Marquette’s website

Andi Marquette’s Tumblr


Book Clips: Say Yes To The Soccer Player by Abby Crofton

March 4, 2017

Book Clips 

Say Yes To The Soccer Player by Abby Crofton 


Settling into college is easy, settling into a relationship is another story! 

Jenny Jeffries loves her first year of college: the late nights in the dorms, the parties, and the freedom that comes with being away from home for the first time. The girls who flirt with her are nice too, except she can't work up the courage to actually talk to any of them. Just standing next to an attractive female causes Jenny's brain to shut down, which means that she's still single. 

When Beth Kirkland, the star forward for the university’s women’s soccer team, uses the same drive she has on the soccer field to get Jenny's attention, Jenny turns to her friends for help. She gets advice from her best friend, who is in a committed relationship with Jenny's one-time worst enemy, and another friend looking for the perfect guy among a sea of lesbians. She gets lots of advice, some better than others. 

Has Jenny finally found the relationship she’s always been looking for? Or will forces outside of their control end their romance before it can even begin? 


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The Lesbian Review Podcast: 10 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Novels

March 3, 2017

The Lesbian Review Podcast

10 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Novels

In this podcast Sheena once again has Tara on as a guest and this time they are talking about the 10 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Novels. 

Note: Sheena categorizes it as Thawing The Ice Queen/Taming The Beast because sometimes characters are cold and sometimes characters are just wild but either way when you add just the right woman to the mix they become much more lovable. Because really, all you need is love. 

Sheena’s Picks



Tricky Wisdom by Camryn Eyde



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Ambereye by Gill McKnight 


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Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter 


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The Song In My Heart by Tracey Richardson


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Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame


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Tara’s Picks


First Position by Melissa Brayden


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The Red Files by Lee Winter 

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Behind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea


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Blurred Lines by KD Williamson


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Close to Home by Rachel Spangler


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If you enjoyed this podcast then be sure to check out The Lesbian Review website where you can find even more reviews from Sheena and Tara as well as a large selection of Top 10 lists


Curves Welcome: 6 Easy Tips To Help You Stay Fit When You’re Busy

March 2, 2017

Curves Welcome 

6 Easy Tips To Help You Stay Fit When You’re Busy

Novelist and Motivational Blogger Suzie Carr talks about 6 easy tips to help you stay fit when you’re busy. 


Join Suzie as she discusses these tips: 

  • Work fitness into your morning routine 
  • Make the right choices 
  • Turn exercise into fun 
  • Become more efficient 
  • Maximize break time 
  • Schedule an appointment with yourself 


A Note to Listeners: 

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Badass Women Save Themselves: Top 5 Fanfic Ships

March 1, 2017

Badass Women Save Themselves 

Top 5 Fanfic Ships 

Let's talk about ships. No, not the kind with sails and pirates (although, really, we don't spend enough time talking about that). The lesbian, fan-fic kind! In this episode, we discussion our top five non-canon lesbian ships. Some are so obvious they might as well be canon. Some we made up because it would have made the story more feminist. Most involve painfully beautiful women who stare at each other's lips a little too much. All are a blast to discuss! 


About Jove And Blythe 

Both are published authors and all round badass women in their own right.  Jove is also on the Women And Words podcast where she and Andi do a roundup of the week’s happenings on their website. 


You can find more info here 


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