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14 Ways To Find Someone To Date - Les Talk About It

March 9, 2020

14 Ways To Find Someone To Date

Les Talk About It Episode:  2 of 7 of the Dating Season


Join Tamara and Sheena as they talk about 14 Ways To Find Someone To Date in this episode of Les Talk About It.

In this episode we talk about these 14 ways to find other women who love women and where to find possible people to date:


  1. Meetup
  2. Social clubs and sports teams at your learning institution
  3. Ask Darlene Vendegna about pickleball 
  4. Volunteer
  5. Find women run events, organisations and businesses
  6. Art school
  7. Local sports teams
  8. Big international women’s sports events
  9. LGBTQIA personals on Instagram
  10. Attend concerts that draw women or lesbians
  11. For US based Lesbians visit Cherry Grove or Province Town
  12. Join a book club
  13. Ask your friends and family
  14. Online dating


Les Talk About It Series: Dating

Dating is not just a fun exploration of yourself and your partner but it is an important step in your life. In this series we break down lesbian dating and talk about it.


About The Hosts

Sheena comes from a media background and in 2014 she started The Lesbian Review, a website dedicated to reviewing the best lesbian books and movies. In 2016 A podcast channel seemed like a natural progression and so she started The Lesbian Talk Show

Sheena discovered lesbian fiction in her late teens and it helped her with her coming out process, something for which she will always be grateful. 

Tamara is a marketing professional and has branched out into design and photography. Her natural love for research and learning meant that she was the perfect podcast partner when Sheena wanted to start Les Talk About It. (Well, that and the fact that Tamara is married to Sheena.) 


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