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3 Thrillers To Thrill You

March 28, 2018

3 Thrillers To Thrill You 

The Lesbian Review Podcast 

Sheena is joined by Erin who talks about some of her favourite thrillers. Erin has come up with three books that she is sure will delight any thriller lovers. 

Erin’s Recommendations: 

Four Point by Max Ellendale 

Thirty-two bodies, twenty years, and a cold case that lives inside her alone. Detective Sali James teeters on the edge of sanity as she's forced to unearth her darkest days in order to stop Washington's most elusive serial killer. "Isn't watching beautiful?" 

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The Last First Time by Andrea Bramhall

When Gina Temple decides to go Christmas shopping for her girlfriend, Detective Sergeant Kate Brannon, in the Norfolk town of King’s Lynn, it seems like an easy enough task. 

If only life were that simple. 

A split-second event, months in the planning, tips their safe world upside-down. 

In this twisting lesbian thriller, Kate’s subsequent investigation leads her down the rabbit hole, where innocent people are targets, and has repercussions that will reverberate for a long, long time. 

Meanwhile, as the two women grow closer, things get even more complicated. Life seems determined to throw obstacles in their path. 

Will things ever feel normal again? 

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Indiscretions by Barbara Winkes 

A detective and a rookie officer hunt a serial killer with "morals"... 

After surviving an attack by a stranger, Officer Ellie Harding decides to put herself first and make bold moves in both her career and her private life, refusing to let the traumatic incident get her off track. 

Detective Jordan Carpenter faces the decision whether to remain in a disastrous, but long-term relationship or give in to the attraction she feels for her younger colleague. Her partner Bethany isn’t willing to let go, of Jordan or the case, a sadistic killer who murders women for behavior he considers immoral. 

Can they find him before he strikes again? 

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