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Anna Interviews Shamim Sarif - The Lesbian Review podcast

November 30, 2018

Anna Interviews Shamim Sarif

The Lesbian Review Podcast

Anna is joined by Shamim Sarif today to talk about her movies, the stories behind them and she talks about her family and coming out.


The World Unseen by Shamim Sarif

In 1950's South Africa, free-spirited Amina has broken all the rules of her own conventional Indian community, and the new apartheid-led government, by running a café with Jacob her “coloured” business partner. When she meets Miriam, a young wife and mother, their 

unexpected attraction pushes Miriam to question the rules that bind her. When Amina helps Miriam’s sister-in-law to hide from the police, a chain of events is set in motion that changes both women forever. 

The World Unseen transports us to a vibrant, colourful world, a world that divides white from black and women from men, but one that might just allow an unexpected love to survive.


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I Can’t Think Straight

Tala, a London-based Palestinian, is preparing for her elaborate Middle Eastern wedding when she meets Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating her best friend. Spirited Christian Tala and shy Muslim Leyla could not be more different from each other, but the attraction is immediate and goes deeper than friendship. But Tala is not ready to accept the implications of the choice her heart has made for her and escapes back to Jordan, while Leyla tries to move on with her new-found life, to the shock of her tradition-loving parents. As Tala's wedding day approaches, simmering tensions come to boiling point and the pressure mounts for Tala to be true to herself.

Moving between the vast enclaves of Middle Eastern high society and the stunning backdrop of London's West End, I Can't Think Straight explores the clashes between East and West, love and marriage, conventions and individuality, creating a humorous and tender story of unexpected love and unusual freedoms. 


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Wrote the Book, Made the Movie, Raised the Kids, Now the Blog

Modern women really can have it all – work, family, friends and fans – but having a sense of humour helps! By popular demand, Shamim Sarif’s collected blogs from 2009 are all here, together with full colour photos and captions.

Hilarious and insightful, the blogs follow Shamim’s work as a writer, director, mother and wife – the 21st Century musings of an exhausted Renaissance woman.


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