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Aphra Behn (Reprise) - The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Episode 46d

May 23, 2020

Aphra Behn (Reprise)

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 46d with Heather Rose Jones

This episode is about the 17th century novelist, playwright, and spy Aphra Behn.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Behn’s careers in espionage and literature
  • Her bisexuality and some of the complexities of how desire between women was portrayed in the 17th century
  • Poem: VERSES design'd by Mrs. A. Behn, to be sent to a fair Lady, that desir'd she would absent her?self, to cure her Love. Left unfinish'd
  • Poem: The Dream
  • Poem: To the Fair Clarinda Who made love to me, Imagin'd more than woman
  • Dedicatory text to Hortense Mancini, Duchesse Mazarine
  • This topic is discussed in one or more entries of the Lesbian Historic Motif Project here: Aphra Behn
  • There is an extensive and detailed biography of Aphra Behn that I haven’t yet included in the LHMP: Todd, Janet. 1996. Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers Univ Press, New Brunswick. ISBN 0-8135-2455-5
  • If you’d like to read some historical fiction that includes an entirely imagined meeting between Aphra and Hortense Mancini, you can find it here.
  • A transcript of this podcast is available here.

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