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Common Traits of Successful Women by Natalie Miller-Snell

October 18, 2018

Common Traits of Successful Women

Seize the Day Podcast


Welcome to Seize the Day Podcast with Natalie Miller-Snell.   Episode 7 - wow - that’s come around quickly.  In this weeks show I explore Common Traits of Successful Women and I discuss some of the topics covered in a wonderful workshop I attended by Dr Sam Collins - Aspire Presence and Impact.


The Aspire Presence and Impact Model 3 A’s are: -

  • Authenticity
  • Authority
  • Agility


Common Traits of Successful Women are: -

  • Self Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge
  • Communication


I thoroughly enjoyed doing this podcast. It’s important we each recognise how valuable we are, how we are experts in our field and that we can and will succeed.  Seize the Day!


Seize the Day was inspired by my favourite Latin expression Carpe Diem.  I’m very much a “glass is half full” person and I’ve had some great mentors throughout my life, who have offered me invaluable guidance.  We have so many wonders at our fingertips and sometimes we just need a little help, or someone to remind us.



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