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Curves Welcome – Life on Your Terms

July 19, 2018

Curves Welcome – Life on Your Terms

Maybe you’ve found yourself living a life on someone else’s terms, a life, if given an easier choice, you never would’ve made for yourself. That happens a lot. Choosing a life path not at all in sync with your heart because it’s just easier than rocking the boat with those in your life. 

It’s not comfortable to rock the boat, after all. It can be quite terrifying, in fact. It’s terrifying because you don’t know how those close to you will think of your true calling or true self. Will they still love you? Will they accept you as you truly are? Will this change in a life path alter their lives in a way that will make you feel guilt, even if it is unjustified guilt?

What’s at stake if you don’t choose life on your own terms?

Tune in to explore this with me.


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