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Deadly Deception by Cade Brogan - Book Clips

April 3, 2019

Deadly Deception by Cade Brogan

Book Clips 

Welcome to Book Clips, the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

In this episode we hear the first chapter of the audiobook for Deadly Deception by Cade Brogan narrated by Emily Beresford.


Three die in a psychiatric hospital.

A triple homicide.

A contagion, deadly and mysterious, is the killer’s weapon of choice.


A dart flies.

A woman dies in the shower, her neck punctured.

A homicide, hours from Chicago.

Poison, deadly and concocted, is the killer’s weapon of choice.


As her city teeters on the verge of panic, Detective Rylee Hayes is forced to divide her attention between two killers—one whose actions could result in a global pandemic and the other, an old nemesis, whose next target is her fiancée.


And the clock ticks down…


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