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How Do You Know That You Are Butch?

November 27, 2017

How Do You Know That You Are Butch? 

Ask A Butch 

Today Sheena is joined by Amy and Lise to chat about how you know when you are butch. 


About Amy Herman-Pall 

Amy’s been out for over 25 years, but it took her some time to accept and identify with the label ‘butch.’ She’s worked in several different traditionally male jobs, from carpentry and woodworking, to truck driving, and in each she’s simply proven that a woman can do as well as a man. 

As far as other butch stereotypes go, there are some she fits and some she never will. But she’s found her match in the femme that claimed her. 


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About Lise MacTague 

Lise MacTague is a spec fit author. She has been known to play ice hockey and build awesome cosplay guns that she sells on her etsy account. 

She co-hosts the podcast Let Geek Out! and she does occasional reviews for The Lesbian Review. 


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About Sheena 

Sheena struggled for most of her youth with coming out. It was only at 22 when she met her wife that she could no longer deny her attraction to women. A large part of why she struggled had to do with the misconceptions and stereotypes of being a lesbian. 

So she and her wife started to the show Les Talk About It where these myths and stereotypes are discussed. 

Ask A Butch is a spin-off show. Sheena soon realized that it was not possible to answer questions all types of lesbians and so she wanted to address hatred towards butch women, specifically. 


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More Info 

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