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K Aten Talks About the Lesbian Speculative Fiction She Loves

May 25, 2018

K Aten Talks About the Lesbian Speculative Fiction She Loves

Les Do Books

In this episode of Les Do Books, author and reviewer at The Lesbian Review, K Aten, joins Tara to talk about the lesbian speculative fiction that she loves, the mainstream sci fi and fantasy books that influenced her, and more. Authors are readers too, so Tara was excited to hear about which books K loves and that she thinks everyone should read.

Check out the lesfic stories she discussed here:

  • The Growing by Susanne M. Beck & Okasha Skat'si
  • Protector Of The Realm: Supreme Constellations 1 by Gun Brooke
  • Broken Wings by L-J Baker
  • Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey
  • Reintegration by Eden S. French

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