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Les Do Books: Blurred Lines by KD Williamson (Book Club)

March 24, 2017

Les Do Books 

Blurred Lines by KD Williamson (Book Club) 

Tara is joined in this episode by Amy Herman-Pall, fellow reviewer at The Lesbian Review, to discuss Blurred Lines by KD Williamson. Check it out to hear what it’s about, why they loved the characters so much, and what detail had Tara asking a friend “What the eff???!!” 

This podcast has a whole bunch of spoilers, so make sure you read Blurred Lines before listening (or embrace the spoilage). 


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From the back of the book: 

Kelli MacCabe is a no nonsense detective with a tough exterior. Only a select few know her as a loyal, loving friend. Committed to her family, her friends, and her job, Kelli puts her needs behind everyone else’s.  

As a surgeon, Nora Whitmore is used to being in control. The hospital is her life and leaves room for little else. Respected by her colleagues, but misunderstood by the residents, Nora takes what she needs and keeps everyone at arm’s length. In the process, she creates unexpected enemies. 

Tragedy brings them together. As chaos grows around them, the lines between them begin to blur. Despite being from different worlds, friendship grows between them, turning quickly to attraction. Will these two strong, independent women find a way to deal with their individual baggage? Or will they be overcome by it? 


Tara also announces the next book club pick, Courting the Countess by Jenny Frame. 


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