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Les Do Books: Embracing The Dawn by Jeannie Levig (Book Club)

August 18, 2017

Embracing the Dawn by Jeannie Levig 

Tara is joined in this episode by her fellow reviewer at The Lesbian Review, Amy Herman-Pall, to talk about Embracing the Dawn by Jeannie Levig. Listen to find out who their favourite character is, why it has one of the best opening scenes going, and what book they hope Jeannie Levig will write some day. 

This podcast has spoilers, so be sure to read the book before you check it out. 


From the back of the book: 

Does love have a chance when no one knows she wants it? 

Jinx Tanner is an ex-con trying to piece together a life on the outside and heal her relationship with her half-sister who hasn’t spoken to her in over twenty-five years. Romantic love is nowhere on her radar. E. J. Bastien is a business executive with her life and heart under control. She has a successful career, a woman in her bed whenever she wants one, and a healthy relationship with her grown children—as long as they don’t find out she’s gay. She has no desire for romantic entanglements. 

When these two women awaken after a one-night stand to find their lives inextricably entwined, love has its work cut out for it. 


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Tara also announces the next book club pick: 

Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton 


Two old friends, one hot summer, a whole load of confusion. 

Poppy Jenkins makes everyone smile. She’s the heart of Wells, a beautiful village in mid-Wales, leaving light and laughter in her wake. She has a doting family, an errant dog and a little sister with a nose for mischief. But she’s the only gay in the village and it’s a long time since she kissed a girl: the chance of romance in sleepy Wells is rarer than a barking sheep. 

If she doesn’t think too hard, life is cosy, until a smart sports car barrels into town with the last woman Poppy wants to see behind the wheel. Beautiful Rosalyn Thorn was once Poppy’s high school BFF even though she was trouble. Then one day she abandoned Wells and Poppy without explanation. Now the highflier is back and bound to cause fresh havoc in the village and with Poppy’s heart; folk are not happy. 

Wells needs to wake up to the 21st century and Rosalyn can help, but old prejudices die hard. If they can be friends it could be the chance to make everyone’s happy ever after. Couldn’t it? 


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