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Medieval Love Poetry - The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Episode 39b

October 12, 2019

Medieval Love Poetry

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Episode 39b with Heather Rose Jones

This is a reprise of LHMPodcast episode 8 which originally aired on 2017/03/25.

This episode looks at examples of courtly love--both in poetry and in prose-- expressed between two women, or by two female characters.

  • The context and conventions of the “courtly love” genre
  • The problems of relating the sentiments expressed in courtly love literature to everyday lives and experiences
  • Scholarly blind spots when interpreting same-sex expressions of courtly love
  • Love, desire, and friendship between women in the 13th century French story L’Escoufle
  • The 13th century troubariz (female troubador) Bieiris de Romans and the love poem she wrote to a woman named Maria
  • A passionate poem of love and longing written by one anonymous 12th century German woman to another


  • The full text of Na Maria by Bieris de Romans can be found in: Bogin, Meg. 1976. The Women Troubadours. Paddington Press, Ltd., New York. ISBN 0- 8467-0113-8
  • The full text of the Tegernsee MS poem can be found in: Matter, E. Ann. 1989. “My Sister, My Spouse: Woman-Identified Women in Medieval Christianity” in Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality, eds. Judith Plaskow & Carol P. Christ. Harper & Row, San Francisco.
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  • A transcript of this podcast is available here.

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