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Retail Therapy - The Sapphic Cast

February 24, 2019

Retail Therapy

The Sapphic Cast  Episode 102

Alex Woods, the creator of The Sapphic Cast, has decided that her accent is too difficult to understand for English speakers so she goes on a mission to find a host and narrator for the show. Together with her sidekick duck, Snipps, she digs a tunnel to the center of the earth to find the retired host of The SubverCity Transmit, A.M. Onymous.  A.M. then narrates a story called “Retail Therapy” by Erin B. Lillis.

Sit down and enjoy!


“Retail Therapy” is featured in a book of horror stories that all take place in the same mall, ”Tavistock Galleria: Short Horror Stories From America’s Retail Wasteland,” which can be purchased on Amazon here

A.M. Onymous and the SubverCity Transmit locations and characters appear courtesy of Krockett and Greyvyn Productions.

The SubverCity Transmit podcast’s first season can be listened to in your favorite podcast player. If you’re interested in submitting stories to SubverCity Transmit’s future episodes, you can find more information here

A.M. Onymous is voiced by Erin B. Lillis


You can find more work by Erin online:





Señori is voiced by Jose Perez


The producer of this episode is Alex Woods (and voiced by Alex Woods).


Snipps appears as himself.


The Sapphic Cast artwork is by 


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