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Some Wounds Run Deeper & Taken - The Sapphic Cast

March 3, 2019

Some Wounds Run Deeper & Taken

The Sapphic Cast Episode 103

Today we learn about the inspiration behind The Sapphic Cast and we dive down into the fandom of THE 100 (Clarke/Lexa) and MASS EFFECT (Liara/Female Shepard) with two fan fiction pieces by Rae D. Magdon. We’re just scraping the surface of these two universes but we’re still gonna try it.

The included stories are:


Rae D. Magdon’s Patreon page

Rae´s works on Archive Of Our Own


The story narrator in this episode is Zumofitall. She can be followed on Twitter


A.M. Onymous is voiced by Erin B. Lillis

You can find more work by Erin Online





The producer and editor of this episode is Alex Woods (and voiced by Alex Woods). Alex can be found on Twitter


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