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The Lesbian Historic Motif Project: What Medieval Lesbians Did In Bed

September 23, 2017

What Medieval Lesbians Did in Bed 

This episode looks at the historic evidence for the specific sexual techniques enjoyed between women in the middle ages and Renaissance. Caution: although this essay isn’t intended as erotica, it does include a lot of detailed technical descriptions of bodies, sex acts, and sex toys. The content is very definitely Not Safe For Work. 

In this episode we talk about 

  • What are the sources of historic evidence for this question? 
  • Which sources can we trust for what women were actually doing, and which ones are more likely to be about what men thought they were doing? 
  • Did the repertoire of sexual techniques change over time? Was it different indifferent places? 
  • What was the range of activities that medieval people considered to be “sex”? How did it differ from modern definitions? 

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This major sources used for this podcast are discussed in more detail at the Lesbian Historic Motif Project: 

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