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The Write Stuff: Kiki Archer On Taking Her Lesbian Fiction Mainstream

July 25, 2017

Kiki Archer On Taking Her Lesbian Fiction Mainstream 

by Sheena and Kiki Archer 

In this episode of The Write Stuff we chat to author, Kiki Archer about how she has taken her lesbian fiction (Lesfic) into the mainstream charts. 


Find out: 

  • How she ended up with a huge straight following 
  • What the reaction has been from straight readers 
  • Where she recommends you advertise 


About Kiki Archer 

Kiki Archer's latest novel not only got the lesbian fiction number one spots in the UK, USA and Australia, it also got to number 32 in the UK mainstream contemporary romance chart. 

Archer is also proud of the fact that Jane Green once sent her a public message. Archer says,  “When Too Late... I Love You was sitting side by side to her in the mainstream charts saying: Welcome to the gang.” 

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About Sheena 

Sheena started The Lesbian Review and The Lesbian Talk Show. She saw a need for great content for listeners and readers.

The Lesbian Review is now one of the biggest review websites in the sector and The Lesbian Talk Show is one of the biggest podcasts in the sector. 

Great content is a priority for Sheena and she is always chatting to authors and listeners in search of new topics for her podcasts.


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