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Women And Words: Andi’s Status As Fashion Icon + Hairdressers Are Dangerous

April 16, 2017

Women and Words

Podcast overview 9-14 April 2017


Jove is appreciative of Andi’s T-shirt, which is a shout-out to the WayHaught ship from Wynonna Earp (thank you, Fangirl Shirts!), which doesn’t make Andi a fashion icon (yet), but dammit, she’s still trying in her own special way. Andi also thinks that hair stylists have the best stories (and you probably shouldn’t piss them off because scissors and, in TL Hart’s case, knives).

9 April: Author Shae Connor joined us to chat about her novella Graphite and Glitter. Includes an excerpt!

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Shae Connor’s website


10 April: Author and Women and Wordster Jessie Chandler interviewed Lammy nominee, author TL Hart and we concur with Jessie about the awesome that is TL. PLUS! GIVEAWAY of TL’s ebook!

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TL Hart info HERE

Jessie Chandler’s website


11 April: Life coach/writer’s coach and Women and Wordster Angela Grace joined us to encourage creatives to write their stories/truths to help them process the scary change in our political ecosystem. So write one about the emotions you’re feeling in the wake of what’s happened. Send them to her by May 1 at LivBold AT aol DOT com. Please put the name “Jove” in subject line to weed out spam.

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12 April: Authors and Women and Wordsters Jove Belle and Andi Marquette announce that they and four other awesome women have launched Dirt Road Books publishing collective. WOO!

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13 April: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde reveals her fangirl side and talks action movies and superheroes and lets us know that she’s working on a superhero novella.

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Fiona Zedde’s website


14 April: Fangirl Friday with author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette who confesses that launching DRB last week made things crazy and she didn’t get time to fangirl as much as she usually does, dang it, but she listed 10 things she would like to fangirl in the future and please, if any of you out there would like to do a Fangirl Friday at Women and Words, let Andi know. Drop her a line at Women and Words.

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Also, Women and Words updated their Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions lists! GO SEE.


And don’t forget, the Golden Crown Literary Society conference is coming up in July. That’s the lesfic organization you should check out. Also the Rainbow Awards are open for submissions. You’ve got some time to submit your materials.