Women And Words: HOLY CRAP WTF

December 18, 2016

Women and Words podcast overview

12-16 December 2016

All Jove and Andi can say at this point is HOLY CRAP WTF because the Hootenanny is in full swing at Women and Words, and that is all that goes on for a couple of weeks. Twelve days, to be exact. Because when Jove and Andi thought the concept up, they thought it was a good idea at the time, to do 12 days. Now they think they’re each coo-coo for thinking that at one point, but here it is and here they go.

So basically, friends, no other blogs go up during this time and it is insane. Women and Words is easily giving away 40-50 books a day along with some other stuff. Every day’s list is different, so you’ll get tons of exposure to all kinds of authors and books and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on each day’s blog.




And Andi fangirled over Star Wars: Rogue One, which she went to see with Tucker the Merry Elf. And then she expressed reservations about the upcoming season (4) of The 100.

So that’s it. This week was more an omg therapy session for Jove and Andi, caught in Hootenanny madness.

Also, there will be no Women and Words podcast on the weekend of 24 December, as the last day of the Hootenanny is the 23rd and the day before Christmas Eve and the beginning of Hanukkah, so we know people are busy. We’ll be back 30 December!

Stay toooooned and hope everyone has a safe holiday season. And please come visit us at the Hootenanny. Send pizza and eggnog.

Hugs n’ kisses from the crazy,

Jove n’ Andi