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Women And Words: Jove Is A Cellphone Serial Killer And Andi Has A Crush

May 7, 2017

Women and Words 

Overview 30 April-5 May 2017 

OMG thank GAWD Jove got a new phone! She’s back to a smartphone (after killing 3 flipphones and a smartphone before this), which means MUAH HA HA she can’t escape Andi! And both really wish Barbara Winkes would contact them and tell them how to pronounce her last name because they clearly just can’t. Also, Supergirl’s Lena Luthor drinks whiskey, which elevates her in Andi’s crush pantheon to the top. 

30 April: Author Barbara Winkes joined us to offer advice for new writers. Barbara went from traditional publisher to completely indie, so she’s learned a few things, though she’s still learning. 

Women and Words link HERE 

Barbara Winkes’ website 


1 May: Author and Women and Wordster Lynette Mae saw Gloria Steinem and Margaret Atwood speak, and she gives us some of her thoughts. 

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Lynette Mae’s website 


2 May: Author and Women and Wordster D Jordan Redhawk opens a window to how she approaches research – lazy and cheap writers edition. 

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D Jordan Redhawk’s website 


4 May: Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle reveals one of her super powers – a vast knowledge of retro TV shows and she’s going to be doing some blogging at Women and Words about some of those shows, for Throwback Thursdays. Join the fun! 

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R.G. Emanuelle’s website 


5 May: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette fangirls over Supergirl episode 2x19, which just aired on May 1. Strong women rep, queer rep. Probably one of her fave episodes thus far. 

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Andi Marquette’s website 

Andi fangirls at Tumblr 


And, again! If you’re interested in the upcoming GCLS lesfic conference, it’s slated 5-8 July  in Chicago.