Women And Words: Sharing The Luv

November 13, 2016

Women and Words 

Podcast Overview Week of 5-11 November 2016


Jove and Andi want to share the luv with all of you, and hope you join them next month for the giant Hootenanny giveaway because they think we could all use a community infusion of luv. Oh, and CLEXACON OMG!

5 November: Our fave reader-in-residence Erin Saluta brought up something that writers and editors need to be careful of – cool details in books that uh-oh, we might not follow up on in the story. Good tip, Erin! Lol

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7 November: Author and Women and Wordster Lynette Mae reminded us to support creativity and that our literature is more important now than ever.

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Lynette Mae’s website


8 November: Life coach and psychologist Angela Grace joins us with some timely reminders about the upcoming holiday season: remember your self care.

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9 November: Author and Women and Wordster Jove Belle reminds us of all the fun and awesome going on at Women and Words, including the HOOTENANNY!

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10 November: Author, explorer, and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde notes that unfortunately, there is some serious suckage afoot following the US elections, but that we must get back to work and create something better. Thanks, Fiona.

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11 November: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette loses her everloving fangirl shit because she was able to chat with the organizers behind the inaugural ClexaCon, the con dealing with queer women’s representation in media.

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And author Ashley Bartlett will soon be contributing with us. And to escape the horrible-ness you may be feeling this week, why not write that book you’ve been meaning to? National Novel Writing Month is in full swing! Also, at some point, maybe consider going to a GamerX con in the future if it’s in your neighborhood.


And remember to spread love, be supportive, and keep building community, friends.