Women And Words: Should We Buy A Private Island?

November 27, 2016

Women and Words Podcast Overview

19-25 November 2016

Jove and Andi freak out about the crazy that comes with the holidays in the States, discuss more about steampunk, wonder if they should buy a private island, and decide that neither of them can articulate properly because HOLIDAYS. And yes, Andi was drinking whiskey during this podcast but no bottles were harmed.

19 November: Women and Wordster reader-in-residence Erin Saluta blogged about getting away from it all so she discussed some books whose plotlines included islands.

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Are you a reader interested in getting interviewed by Erin about lesfic? Contact her on Facebook.


20 November: Q&A with rom com writer Ana B. Good, whose debut novel, The Big Sugarbush, features a plethora of quirky characters. There was also a giveaway, which is why you should totes check WaW all the time to see what’s up because we do giveaways ALL.THE.TIME.

Women and Words link HERE

The Big Sugarbush website


21 November: Women and Wordster and author Stevie Carroll in the UK joins us for another awesome history tidbit. This week deals with the British love of steam – i.e. steam trains. Plus she brings in steampunk, as she attended a conference along those lines recently.

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Stevie Carroll’s LiveJournal


22 November: Brand spankin’ new Women and Wordster and author Ashley Bartlett does her first blog with us, about her writing of anti-heroes and on being and outsider.

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Ashley Bartlett’s website


23 November: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Anthology curators Lee Lynch and Renée Bess are looking for prose/poetry (nonfiction/fiction) up to 5K words dealing with queer lives in queer bars. Deadline is 1/1/2017.

Women and Words link HERE (includes guidelines)

Lee Lynch’s website

Renée Bess’ website


24 November: Author and Women and Wordster Renée Bess blogs about her recent experience at a wedding in which she and her wife experienced no backlash for dancing together, and how it affected her and may affect her writing.

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Renée Bess’ website



One: We’ve posted new releases and forthcoming releases! GO SEE.

Two: Fangirl Friday! Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette on why she fangirls, and how diversity seems to express in fandoms before elsewhere.

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Andi Marquette’s website


Three: Call for Submissions! Anthology, The Intimacy of Survival, on being older and LGBTQ and the ways you survived.

Women and Words link HERE (submission details)

Plus: Hootenanny reminder! We’re not only giving away books (12-23 Dec.; easily 20-40 a day). We’ve got 4 Kindles up for grabs and a bunch of tees. So we hope you come on down. We are closing the submission form this weekend, but here’s the link.