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Women and Words: The kids (Jove’s) are all right and wow, there’s a lot of writing stuff going on

October 14, 2018

Women and Words Overview 6-12 October 2018

Andi is back from another round of gallivanting. Both she and Jove have a weird fascination and love for journals (especially blank) and also agree that Powell’s Books in Portland will blow your mind (and did you even know that Andi is actually a trained academic? DON’T TELL ANYONE). Plus, Jove and Andi cannot even cope with the fact that Fiona Zedde is not currently traveling. Oh, and Jove’s kids are awesome and so is the grandbaby on the way!


6 Oct.: Women and Wordster Ann Etter wants you to help her out and suggest paranormal lesfic titles that aren’t too scary! ‘Tis the season!

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6 Oct.: Hopefully soon-to-be Women and Wordster and writer/poet Erin Zak blogged about finding her voice as a writer.

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7 Oct.: Brand new author Millie G Ireland joined us to talk a bit about her experience with the GCLS Writing Academy and how it helped get one of her short stories published in a Program anthology. Congrats! (also, total hint, check out the Writing Academy) AND she’s giving a copy of the anthology away!

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8 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Jessie Chandler was doing a writing retreat with fellow authors and ended up at Powell’s City of Books in Portland. And yes, you MUST go if you haven’t been.

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10 Oct.: Writer and Women and Wordster Val Agab ruminated on the origins of dictionaries and the power of words and the power behind the definitions of words.

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11 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde is not traveling! Instead, she’s cleaning out some things, including books.


12 Oct.: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette is doing a fun thing and posting photos from W&W readers – recent trips/outings they’ve taken. This week’s include the UK, the U.S., and South Africa. Send her yours! She’s posting photos next week, too!


ALSO! Author and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle is doing a giveaway of her latest gothic thriller, The Potion. Tell her a scary story to get in on the drawing RIGHT HERE.


And the Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference is going on RIGHT NOW in Palm Springs, CA. If you didn’t make it this year, plan for next! This year’s keynote speaker is Dorothy Allison.


Also going on is Women’s Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts (P-Town), which includes all kinds of performers as well as lesfic authors and publishers.


AND! Stay tuned. The Dirt Road Books team is going to launch their 2018 NaNoWriMo Challenge! Keep your eyes peeled on DRB’s Facebook page and Twitter feed and its website for more info! And you can get some cool writing tips and NaNo prep tips from the DRB podcast, “Riding Shotgun.”