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July 24, 2016

Women And Words

Week of 18-23 July 2016


Andi Marquette, host (because Jove is still on an #epicroadtrip)


18 July: Author Stevie Carroll, who wanders around and explores the UK every chance she gets, posted on the village of Birchinlee, which was a town for construction workers in the early part of the 20th century. Includes cool historic photos.

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Find Stevie Carroll HERE.

21 July: Author R.G. Emanuelle posted a photo roundup of sites from Washington DC, when she attended GCLS.

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R.G. Emanuelle’s WEBSITE.


22 July: Women and Words monthly lists of new and upcoming releases. Hot off the Press is for July and Coming Attractions is for August.

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Women and Words link, Coming Attractions.


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Discussion of geekly things!

To find listings of comic cons and other sorts of gatherings, try these links:

Upcoming Cons


Convention Scene

Cool con to attend, if you’re so inclined: WishCon (Women in Sci Fi and Horror).




Cool geek resource, feminist and queer analysis of geekdom: LadyGeekGirl 

And OMG, the upcoming ClexaCon.

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