Women And Words: Jove and Andi! Together again!

July 31, 2016

Women and Words 

Week of 23-29 July 2016

Jove’s #epicroadtrip came to a close last week, so we talked a bit about that and how traveling together as a family can cause stress, but also create all kinds of bonding moments.

23 July: Regular Women and Words reader Ted Beveridge steps in to do a Reader’s Perspective blog with us. Ted’s a sci fi fan, so he provides a round-up of some of his fave F/F and feminist sci fi, along the theme of “escapism.”

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24 July: Author Darla Baker joins us to chat about her latest, Eagle Cove, and “imposter syndrome.” This is a book in the Thalia Chase, sex therapist series.

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Darla Baker’s (Thalia Chase’s) website.

25 July: Author Yvonne Heidt does a tongue-in-cheek blog and supplies us with a copy of the acceptance speech Jove was supposed to read at GCLS (but things went slightly awry) if Yvonne’s book won in its category (it did; Yvonne couldn’t make it to GCLS this year).


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Yvonne Heidt’s website.

26 July: Women and Words co-admin Jove Belle posts a couple of audio readings from books. This week is Women and Words regular R.G. Emanuelle reading from her latest, the first book in the Vampires of Brooklyn series, Have a Bite. Jove reads from her recent novella, Cake.

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R.G. Emanuelle’s website.


Jove Belle’s website.

28 July: Author Renée Bess on GCLS, and how this was such a great conference for her because JEWELLE GOMEZ. Plus, the burgeoning discussions about women of color in lesfic left her feeling hopeful and revitalized.

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Renée Bess’ website.


29 July: Women and Words co-admin Andi Marquette will be doing a lot more in terms of women and queer representation in media other than books. She starts here with Fangirl Friday and a blog about the Syfy network’s Wynonna Earp. 

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