Women And Words: Orlando & Free Books

June 21, 2016

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Women and Words Podcast


Week of 12-18 June 2016


12 June: Anthology editor and author Sacchi Green joined us to discuss the release of her latest project, Me and My Boi: Queer Erotic Stories. Bois, butches, and masculine-of-center women and the women who love them. Includes the long path this book took, and it’s also the launch of the Me and My Boi blog tour. GIVEAWAY!




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14 June: Angela Grace, life coach and counselor, offers $25 to whichever commenter comes up with the best idea to incorporate exercises into daily routines. That is, turning an every day task into something that gets you to be more active. Go leave a tip! $25!

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15 June: Author/editor/Women and Wordster Jove Belle posts the schedule for the Finding Ms. Write anthology blog tour. Giveaways!

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16 June: Book lists! Hot off the Press for June 2016 and forthcoming releases for July!

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17 June: Resident reader and blogger Erin Saluta does some processing of Orlando.

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Jove Belle is working Portland (OR) Pride this weekend.


Lesfic in Levos has wrapped up for this year, but plan on next year! And check out the photos at Ylva Publishing’s Instagram.


Jove’s cross-country saga to GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society conference) and beyond begins this coming week. We’re sure these Women and Words podcasts will be filled with the crazy. :D


Vocabulary term for this week: genderqueer (last week’s was cisgender)