Women And Words: The Hands Of The Dead and other fun lesbian things

June 12, 2016

This week Jove Belle and Andi Marquette of the Women and Words blog chat about everything from new authors, to Patreon, dead people's hands and school reunions.

5-11 June 2016 

5 June: Author and former reality TV show producer Nikki Harmon joined us to discuss her book, When I was Your Girlfriend, about finding yourself within the context of considering a past love. Nikki did a giveaway of her book.

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Nikki Harmon’s website.

6 June: Order Up blog tour preview and schedule! This is the 3-week-long blog tour for the anthology Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance & Erotica, edited by Andi Marquette and R.G. Emanuelle.

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R.G. Emanuelle website; Andi Marquette website

ALSO 6 June: Author Caren Werlinger joined us to talk about her latest release, The Beast That Never Was, and about writing as a Faustian pact. Half of the proceeds from Caren’s book will go to a food pantry (sharin’ the luuuv!). Caren did a giveaway of her book.

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Caren Werlinger’s website

7 June: Author D. Jordan Redhawk did her 2016 mid-year review about the goals she set at the beginning of the year, mentions the site Patreon.com, which is a different kind of crowdfunding for authors, musicians, and artists. Jove and Andi discussed how it works.

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D. Jordan Redhawk’s website.

8 June: Author Carsen Taite reminded us that it’s Pride week in the U.S., and she’s got an upcoming appearance at Houston Pride.

Jove Belle noted that she, too, will be doing a Pride appearance at Portland (Oregon) Pride next week, at the Ylva Publishing and Curve Magazine booths.

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Carsen Taite’s website.

9 June:  Author Fiona Zedde blogged about her writing journey, and experience with various writing communities.

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Fiona Zedde’s website.

10 June: Author Ann Aptaker joined us and wrote about attending the Lambda Awards in New York City on June 6, and about how amazing it felt to win one.

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Ann Aptaker’s website.


Lambda lists, 2016: Finalists and winners.

11 June: Reader and lesfic advocate extraordinaire Erin Saluta talked about high school reunions. Jove and Andi mentioned that Erin is on another of her epic bike rides to benefit HIV/AIDS research and work. Go, Erin!

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More about the ride she’s on.


Erin Saluta’s Facebook page, with photos of and updates about the ride.

Jove and Andi then talked about the Ylva Publishing event Lesvos Lesfic, going on right now on the Greek island of Lesvos. Writing workshops, chats, retreats. It’s scheduled for next year, too!

Then Jove and Andi decided, in honor of Pride month, to do some definitions with regard to sex, gender, and sexuality/sexual orientation. Today Andi talked about sex vs. gender and the term cisgender. She recommends the gender wiki! Click HERE.