Women and Words: What to wear at GCLS - a real problem

July 3, 2016

Women and Words 

Week of 26 June-2 July 2016

 Andi’s still solo as Jove engages in her #epicroadtrip. :D

 26June: Author Clare Ashton blogged about her latest release, Poppy Jenkins, which is set inmid-Wales, where Clare grew up. She also did a giveaway (2 copies!).  

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Clare Ashton’s website and find the page on PoppyJenkins here.


27June: Author Yvonne Heidt blogs a bit about herwriting process and a new project she’s jazzed about.

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Yvonne Heidt’s website.


29June: Author and Women and Wordster Jove Belle does an installment of her series on marketing. This one deals with getting out of your comfort zone in terms of public events and social media and figuring out what works for you. 


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Jove Belle’s website


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30June: Author Renée Bess tells us a bit about what she’s learned on this journey, including that it hasn’t been easy, for a woman of color writing lesfic about women, but she’s always up for mentoring and imparting wisdom about what she’s learned about publishing and writing and marketing in this industry. 

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Renée Bess’ website



1July: Author and Women and Wordster Andi Marquette laments the #firstworldproblem of what to wear at the GCLS, provides the Twitter feeds and Facebook links of Jove, Andi, and R.G. Emanuelle for GCLS fun, but notes there are lots of authors and attendees who will be posting photos and info about the event, which starts Wednesday, 6 July. Oh, and for weekend happy tunes, Andi provided a Spotify playlist. J



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Andi Marquette’s website.

2July: Women and Words’ resident reader of all things lesfic Erin Saluta blogs about names. How characters get them. How authors decide. What a name conveys. And she asks authors to get in on the name game, and spill the secrets of creating character names.


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